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Re: Top High School Basketball Prospects in Maine

Postby bcbc55 » Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:24 pm

Maine19Fan wrote:Don't worry, 55. I've coached my share of games over the years. And, I played my share, too.
Officiating? So, how does that help you understand anything about basketball, other than being able to recognize fouls, etc?
No, I haven't coached for 29 years. But, it seems that your coaching, all done at mediocre high school levels, didn't help at all with your understanding of what goes on at the college level of the sport.

And, here we go with another long-winded, nobody cares, recitation of your personal and archaic views of basketball strategy.
Haven't we heard this before?

These forums are meant for your chest-pumping, self-gratifying, egotistical strategies that don't work in the modern era.
Save them for your next book, which you can give out as Christmas presents and will be used as door stops!

I can stop at point No. 1: "Ball goes inside and, then, back out to the open 3-point shooter because his defender has doubled-down, etc..."

Here's why that doesn't always work, or that it isn't quite as easy as you make it sound: The double-team almost always comes from the opposite side of where the pass came from, meaning the "open" player ...if there is one is usually the farthest distance on the court removed from the post player who is getting double teamed. It becomes the most-difficult pass to make, particularly since most post players aren't good passers.

Also, the way good defense (not ones a the high school level, which is the only place your philosophy has been tested) play now (you know the modern era) ... they rotate when they double-team someone. That means they're not directly guarding opponents, but guarding areas on the court to ensure offensive players aren't entirely open.
Finally, coaches know who the other teams' best shooters are. When their defense double teams anyone, the opponent's best shooter/shooters aren't going to be the players left open.

Amazing, though, that you proclaim to know so much about how to create open three-pointers, but you hate the shot.

19: If you use the correct floor spacing teams that double team will give up open threes to good shooters or if the player open is not a good 3 point shooter then if he cuts to the hoop then he will get an open layup, I don''t care how they are doubling the block area.
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Re: Top High School Basketball Prospects in Maine

Postby Maine19Fan » Mon Dec 25, 2017 3:38 pm

bcbc55: I will say this, you have a clue about on-court strategy. At least how it could work on the high school level.

All of the points you make, though: easier said than done.

And, it's easier done when a team has talent and almost impossible to do when the talent isn't there.
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Re: Top High School Basketball Prospects in Maine

Postby bcbc55 » Mon Dec 25, 2017 4:34 pm

Maine19Fan wrote:Almost forgot this: Please tell us 55, why Mayo did not go to Maine.

19: Sorry, but I was told in confidence by a parent of one of his AAU teammates.
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