Real reasons UMaine men's BB lost to St. Joe's 72-59 Sunday

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Re: Real reasons UMaine men's BB lost to St. Joe's 72-59 Sun

Postby bcbc55 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:44 pm

Maine19Fan wrote:Can't understand your point here.
It has exactly what to do with St. Joe's beating Maine because it had better talent?

MaineFan19: Like tennis unforced errors, poor plays and poor decisions and poor shot selection that the offense caused themselves not the defense. Not getting to the foul line because the ball does not go inside at all. Foolish fouls committed. Steppingout of bounds with the ball and so on.

Team with ball caused them except the fouls not the defense. Teams do beat themselv as much as the other team beats them.

I always coached my teams not to beat ourselves, We played against the game time and score and played the game from the shoulders up not athletically from thee shoulders down.

Formula if we shot 70% from the line, committed less than 10 turnovers per game and committed less than 6 fouls per half we had a good chance to win the game.

If we played the 6 inch game 6 inches from our throats to our brains and 6 inches down to our hearts from our throats and not from the athletic legs we had a chance to win because we could make higher IQ basketbll decisions that lead to good shot selection, less turnovers and commit fewer fouls.

We thought before we did when we had the ball in our hands. Our players thought the game first and played the game second. Read first react second, not act and and then think after acting. Our players knew how to read the court. We had an excellent drill on how to teach the players to make good offensive and defensive decisions and we used it during all practice and in games to.
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Re: Real reasons UMaine men's BB lost to St. Joe's 72-59 Sun

Postby Maine19Fan » Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:00 am

Talent wins.
St. Joe's has A10-level talent.
Its bench players could probably beat Maine.
Amazing that, considering your alleged level of basketball expertise, you don't understand that.
The teams could play 10 times ... with John Wooden, Dean Smith Red Auerbach coaching Maine's roster ... and St. Joe's would win all 10 times.
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