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Postby Maine19Fan » Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:28 pm

55: We agree on one thing.
If a coaching change at a college is made ... at least in the case of a coach leaving for a better position ... players should have the right to transfer without having to sit out a season.

However, I do not believe they should be allowed to transfer to follow their former coach without the penalty of a sit-out seasons. In most cases, a school won't allow that to happen. Yes, schools can do that. They can stipulate a player can't transfer to a specific school or schools when they give the player his "release" from the scholarship agreement. I believe that if a player breaks that release agreement, he/she is required to sit out two season. I'll stand corrected if that's not correct.

But, otherwise, there is little consequence in a coaching change. Players retain their scholarships. They still get free room/board and a stipend. They practice the same amount of time, play the same games, etc.

Mental suffering? C'mon. This is basketball, not war.

They don't know how they fit into a new coach's plan? Any coach would let players know about that within the first few days on the job. They have team meetings and they have individual meetings within days after being hired. A coach wouldn't be very good at his/her job if they didn't do that. Wouldn't you do that?

My point was merely to correct the perception that it's players who suffer when a coach gets fired, and not the fired coach who is losing his job and his salary.
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