RPI rankings before UMaine men-So. Alabama game

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RPI rankings before UMaine men-So. Alabama game

Postby bcbc55 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:02 pm

Realtimerpi.com RPI rankings UMaine 0-2 @ 156, South Alabama 1-2 @ 119 1-2, Texas Tech 2-0 @ 161

Pomeroy's RPI rankings UMaine @ 333, South Alabama @ 268 and Texas Tech @ 31st

Maine and So. Alabama Rankings are so high because they both lost to Texas Tech.

Texas Tech 2-0 beat So. Alabama 75-50 and Maine 83-44 and YET SOME HOW Realtimer ranks Texas Tech 161 RPI below both Maine 156 and So. Alabama 119.

BUT, Pomeroy ranks Texas Tech 31st where they rank them ahead of Maine 333 and So. Alabama 268.

AS OF 10:33PM NOVEMBER 17TH, 2017

Realtimerspi.com Maine ranking at 156 might be the highest they have been ranked in the past 8 years.

If you can figure those out you know a lot more about RPI rankings than I do.

RPI rankings are all supposed to be about strength of schedule.

It would make more sense to go with Pomeroy's then realtimerspi.com in these latest rankings seeing that they beat both Maine and South Alabama and they both lost to Texas Tech.

Realtimerspi.com's RPI rankings have got to be wrong!! somehow.

P.S. Maine has lost to BC 85-65 and Texas Tech 83-44
South Alabama lost to Texas Tech 75-50 and LaSalle 81-73 and Beat Mobile 71-49.

Maine-South Alabama game is 5:00pm Saturday at Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut.

Maine plays the winner or loser of Sacred Heart 0-2 Pomeroy's RPI Rankings 307 Realtimers RPI 95 vs. St. Peters 0-2 Pomeroy RPI Rankings 208 Realtimers RPI 204 depending if they beat or lose to South Alabama.

Consolation game is Sunday at 12:30pm and the championship game is at 8:00pm Sunday at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut.
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