WBB vs Bryant University W 70-68 OT, vs Ft Kent W 100-40

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Re: WBB vs Bryant University W 70-68 OT, vs Ft Kent W 100-4

Postby bcbc55 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:34 pm

mainejeff wrote:mainah57...Agreed about Carroll. She's really showing some Liz Wood-like qualities which is a good thing. This recruiting class is looking better & better with each game. I wonder if Barron played any part in their recruitment or is this group is mostly hand-picked by Vachon? If the staff can develop Barra & Williams so that they are solid contributors by their sophomore season...this could turn into a top notch class! Even Fogarty can play an important role as a designated shooter in key situations.

I'm a bit surprised by Wadling's struggles this season. Hopefully, she will get into a groove and the offense will come around. She is still struggling a bit with conditioning IMO. She certainly seems engaged in the games and a positive teammate. They need her to improve for the team to improve!

mainejeff and mainah57: Like Fleming for the men she is playing out of position. She is not big enough at 6'1" to be a back to the basket post player, but wait. She isn't playing on the block is she? For some unknown reason she is at the high post at the foul line like Fleming is in both teams new guard oriented offensive sets.

All they do is screen for the guards and when they get the ball at the high post they just look for the guards cutting and coming off screens. It would be nice if after they passed the ball to the wing that they both would flash to the block and post up.

Tough to double team a player moving to the block to post up.
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