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Postby MaineBBFan99 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:27 pm

mainah57 wrote:Judging from how much you are overreacting, it sounds like you are treating it as much more than a "meaningless game"... :roll:

Every single suited-up player saw at least some playing time (all players except Tapley and Barra saw 8+ minutes). Does this mean that every single player is going to see as much playing time as the rest (even in an exhibition game)? No - nor should it. Part of the purpose of an exhibition game is for the team to get valuable experience playing with each other, particularly in some of the player combinations that we're most likely to see when the actual season starts. I'm absolutely fine with our strongest post players seeing significantly more minutes (even in an exhibition game) than ones who may still be learning the ropes, getting to know the plays, etc.

If and when it makes sense for those folks to start seeing more minutes (keeping in mind that there's a lot happening in practice that we don't see), I'm sure it will happen.

Mainah57, I really appreciate your ability to provide insight while simultaneously maintaining the perspective that this was one exhibition game in October. Great post!
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