WEEK 1: Maine at New Hampshire (GAME THREAD)

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Re: WEEK 1: Maine at New Hampshire (GAME THREAD)

Postby UMaineDad » Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:32 pm

Game 1 under the belt for Ferguson. He's gotta make the adjustment to the college speed NOW!. He observed all last year and we need him to execute now...no more excuses. He's gotta make quicker decisions and use his short game like UNH QB did. Mack was open too many times in the flats an was not recognized. His long ball look good..need more strength accuracy on the mid-range stuff. Overall, not a bad start for him!

Cohen seems to approach the game from a QB perspective. Coaching much different from playing. Gotta just use a good tactical approach to game situations. 8-in-the-box is the perfect defense against the run. He's gotta recognize this and make adjustments. I would really love to see what's in his playbook.

With all that went wrong, if the kicker made "1" out of the 3 misses, we would have still came out with the victory! Maine proved themselves to be a better team last knight in pretty much all areas besides the dreaded kicking game. Once they got the "jitters" out of their system, they shut the offense down! I hope the free-safety is cleared to play next week, because Motavu was extremely confused on the passing plays...

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Re: WEEK 1: Maine at New Hampshire

Postby Blackbear27 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:47 pm

thebam wrote:
Blackbear27 wrote:Hunter Smith won't even play on this team. Unless every receiver goes down. He is not even a D 1 athlete.

Well, first, this is a pretty ignorant comment, unless you want to bring something factual to it? Second, he' s on the roster of a D-1 Football team, so , yeah, he's a D-1 Athlete.[/quote]

1AA or FCS needs bodies on the team there are most likely 20 players that have a number that are not D1 athletes. Sorry Hunter Smith is not a D1. His dad is a marketing machine and donates lots of money. So far my prediction is correct he has not seen the field.
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Re: WEEK 1: Maine at New Hampshire (GAME THREAD)

Postby UMaineDad » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:36 pm

Who is Hunter Smith? What position does he play???
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Re: WEEK 1: Maine at New Hampshire (GAME THREAD)

Postby Blind Zebra » Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:27 am

First off you guys are rude and you don't know anything about situation. Hunter Smith was a D1 athlete who was being recruited by both Maine and UNH. Unfortunately, he had a horrendous hip injury which forced him to miss most of his senior year of high school. The injury has slowed his development and probably robbed him of some athleticism. The kid was/is an outstanding multi-sport athlete who was selected to participate in a prestigious high school all star game (the name escapes me at the moment). Someone can look this up but I believe he was a state high jump champ and was clocked at 4.6 as a junior. He was also All State in hoops.
Dad won the Walter Byers Award as a senior in college. Averaged 20 points per game and was first team all conference for Maine.
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