Umaine Football Team Probably Not Going to Play Florida St

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Postby TAL1957 » Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:54 pm

bainsey wrote:TAL, I have a good buddy in the Albany area ....... and I won't miss a Maine/SU match-up.
So we'll both be at the game ?, good lord willing, and because I live way closer with a much easier drive, the tailgate setup will be my responsibility (dogs & venison burgers, with maybe some venison sausage as well ?) !?
bainsey wrote: (Fafan thinks I'll take the Dome back with me to Maine... If only I could figure out a way!
So the SU football stadium really is a "Dome" ? Outside games in early September can be pretty nice, but cold rain can also be pretty miserable I guess !
bainsey wrote:Are you going to the A.E. men's hoop tourney at UA next month?
Would certainly have made a point of going to a UMaine game in Albany, but I'll be watching UMaine baseball in Vegas on the 22nd, and in FLA from March 6-15. Won't even make it back in time to see Maine in the Championship Game on the 14th, even if that game ends up being in Albany, VT or Binghamton. I'm betting I enjoy the baseball games more than I would the basketball !?
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