WBB coaching change

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WBB coaching change

Postby turkeyman » Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:47 pm

I believe it was duke11 who predicted at least one of the three wbb assistant coaches would leave. UMaine wbb page shows Baranowski and Player as assistants. Coach Edneisha Curry's line now reads "TBA." Don't know how long ago this happened. Not too long, because I was looking for Coach Vachon's email address on the web page a few weeks ago and Curry was still listed then.

Didn't duke11 also predict that an assistant coach would come in who has strong UMaine ties? Last I knew, Julie Veilleux was out of coaching. Don't know if she would want back in. She had solid assistant coaching experience at Bowdoin and at Navy as well as five or so years as head coach at Colby. Anybody else out there looking to return to Orono?

Although she didn't have a high public profile, I believe Coach Eddie (Curry) had a strong influence in her couple of years here. Some said she was able to be "bad cop" when necessary. Others said she was very good at keeping things moving (practice, loading the bus, etc.) and at organizing. She was always tugged between coaching and personal development of players in camps, etc., I have read. Best of success to her.

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