Hey New Balance!

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Hey New Balance!

Postby BearDownBears » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:03 am

New Balance we love you! Proud you are a New England Company, products made here in the USA.
You gave money for the Field House, Recreation Center at U Maine.

It is time to take the athletic department to the next level! Right?!
Nike...who cares about them
Under Armour....Whatever
Adidas/ Puma.. Germany whatever

Take U Maine....make them the Gem/ Jewel in the crown
show the country

If other such companies can take college athletics and make a name or carve a Niche in sport it is your time!
Maine Hockey
Maine Football
Maine Basketball Teams
Maine Baseball/Softball
Maine Field Hockey
Maine Track and Field
holy .... you get the idea here. Underarmour was nothing 15 years ago...an under wear company that wanted to be something...they are now.
New Balance MLB, Etc is something...can you left U Maine athletics and yourselves to another Level?!

We can see potential all over this! Start here...Go Far!
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