Athletic Director for 4 years, a thought experiment.

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Athletic Director for 4 years, a thought experiment.

Postby nhsfan4life » Sat May 27, 2017 3:24 pm

I loved how my previous thread with a month as our time table went.

If you had four years, what would your goals be? What coaches are on the hot seat? How would you right the ship that is UMaine Athletics?
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Re: Athletic Director for 4 years, a thought experiment.

Postby thebam » Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:02 am

If we are starting today, first up will be to eliminate the completely unnecessary " interim" tag from Nick Derba. Make him permanent with a shiny new contract. He's the right guy for this program at this time.

Next I would bring in the football coach and give him a mandate of 3 months to provide a list of everything he needs/wants to elevate the program even further. Upgrades, scheduling suggestions, etc.. money will be no object. We'll find the cash , just give me the list.
On the subject of football, find a way to eliminate the track around the field. Close it in and make it a bowl. A quality program deserves a quality home field experience. Work on upgrades to the game " weekend" experience. Encourage tailgating to begin on Friday. Bring in live music, etc.. Make a Saturday football game a weekend long event. Live broadcasts of local radio shows from the stadium/parking lot.
Upgrade concessions at all venues as well. More service windows, beer sales, food options etc.

I would announce the University's intention to eliminate Women's Ice Hockey and parlay those scholarships to Women's Lacrosse and /or Field Hockey. This keeps the Title IX predators off my a$$.

Give Coach Coutts a contract extension .

Now that I have the easy stuff off my desk.
Hold meetings separately, or together depending on how I feel with Gendron and Walsh. Not a how's it going meeting, but a come to jesus meeting. No talks of extensions. Win or GTFO. Period.

All of these moves would happen , overlayed onto an aggressive fund raising program which would involve reaching out to alums at the pro level.

I would then hire an ELITE level marketing and promotion firm to get this athletic department on the map. Sure, winning will put more people in the seats, but this department doesn't market itself good enough. Needs improvement.

All of this will be an ongoing endeavor, with the ultimate 4 year goal of every program on campus being either championship level, or in the conversation every year. (see Albany women hoops)

With all of the above, there isn't any reason that Maine can't be THE premier athletic program in the conference , which will only further help recruiting .
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Re: Athletic Director for 4 years, a thought experiment.

Postby BearDownBears » Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:47 am

1. Hockey- grow the standard of A new, Yes New facility. (lots of planning, selling, MONEY ..yes money..I know it is easy to say) The current Alfond will be retrofitted to be a Great basketball arena.
2. Football- track removed, New stands equal to home side on vistor side with locker room, equipment room, training room for visitors, restrooms and concession for fans, Plus the field moved closer to current home stands and the new visitor stands closer to the field as well. IN the north endzone a football complex with
Offices, Locker room, training room, equipment room, meeting rooms etc...
3. New Track placed on current soccer field with stands and locker rooms, equipment room, training room, meeting rooms ETC to house a full field in center of New track in which soccer and Lacrosse can compete on with style and space.
4. Basketballs get a New Home ....see above.
5. Softball gets a facility equal to Baseball built on its current foot Print.
6. Field Hockey - Grand stands and room with in the New softball complex for offices, locker rooms, equipment room, training rooms, meeting rooms, etc.
7.Lacrosse both Male and Female. Regionally a sport that we should be involved in Period.

Perhaps the best step is the 600 million dollars to make that all happen....It is not impossible however the current athletes across the state and country/ world want facilities and places for them to call home...we need to have those. The U it self will take care of the academic, social and cultural aspects... we need to bring in the kid that can make a difference and Play. They want to see first class stuff and be associated with first class before they even arrive.
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Re: Athletic Director for 4 years, a thought experiment.

Postby TAL1957 » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:14 pm

Yay, as usual, what bam said above.

And as I always will say, ..... pay the asst. coaches More !!!! They are what really elevates D1 sports programs !!
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Re: Athletic Director for 4 years, a thought experiment.

Postby Blind Zebra » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:51 pm

Build a dome stadium for football. Eliminate women's hockey, the swimming programs & men's track program. Add Men's and Women's lacrosse. Fire Gendron and bring in a young and energetic hockey coach. Demolish Alfond Arena and build a parking garage for football. Build a new arena for hockey on the other end of campus.
If Walsh doesn't reach .500 this coming season, move on...
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Re: Athletic Director for 4 years, a thought experiment.

Postby mainejeff » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:33 pm

Anyone see the $200 million athletic facility they are building on Mayflower Hill Drive in Waterville? Colby is building over a quarter of a billion worth of construction in Waterville right now! :o :shock: :)
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Re: Athletic Director for 4 years, a thought experiment.

Postby fafan » Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:52 am

Did not hear about this but found this link about the 200 million dollar expansion at Colby- ... c-complex/

As far as UMaine goes we have kicked around the idea of a domed stadium and what a boom it would be for many sports at UMaine for many years on this site. Maybe if Harold was still living and and someone did some cost analysis on return on investment we could see if it was feasible or not to build a domed stadium.

In the meantime a football stadium without a track certainly brings the fans closer to the field and seems to be the way to go. Was sort of surprised that UNH elected to keep their track around their new stadium :(
Would love to see instant replay screens that are actually worth watching as both hockey and football's screens need a major upgrade. :oops:
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Re: Athletic Director for 4 years, a thought experiment.

Postby rozzie » Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:08 pm

Not a UMaine Alum and so, am asking a serious question---why don't those who can be donors, NOT donate on a large scale? Why does UMaine have to keep going to the Collins/McMillan/Alfond/King well? I know there are many ridiculously wealthy alums who could fix what ails that campus athletically with the action of a signature on a check. The question is, why the apathy or refusal?

Virtually every D1 school, especially state schools have alums who throw money at the school---why doesn't that happen at Maine?
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Re: Athletic Director for 4 years, a thought experiment.

Postby TAL1957 » Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:05 pm

I think BDB put up a darn good, comprehensive "wish" list, although the extent/scope/cost of some of the items are a bit over the top. I.e., additional seating on the visitors side of football field is fine/needed, but not "equal to home side" or with lots of other amenities (we don't like the visitors quite that much do we !?); a softball facility "equal" to baseball won't pass muster, absent some big alumnae $$$, which is unlikely. But the concepts of everything he lists is pretty darn good, except for one HUGE problem ....... money, $$$$, Money !

As for rozzie's questions about alumni donors, or rather lack thereof, ... I don't believe that "Virtually every D1 school, especially state schools ..." do actually have lots of alumnae who "throw money" at the school. Certainly Not state schools, and Not for athletics.
I would hazard to guess that the majority of alumnae who do make major donations to "state schools", other than the Big Boyz ala Ohio St, Mich. St., etc., earmark them to something other than athletics (if there are numbers out there for "all other D1 schools, especially state schools", that indicate otherwise, I'd find that very interesting) ?

You take out the Alfond-like donors who simply love supporting athletics and make the periodic huge donations, and I'm guessing this is also true for the total alumnae donations to UMaine (again, actual numbers on this would be interesting ?).
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