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Re: NCAA's $200M Payout..Maine to add mental-health program

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:55 am
by BearDownBears
Finally! U Maine athletics is doing something to help the student athletes who are in trouble other than just with physical health. I have to wonder how much or how many games have been lost due to Mental Health issues! We all have coworkers that struggle right? We all personally struggle at times....why would a student not? Plussssss
the pressure of being involved in a performance based activity which is a year round job these days they have to have moments of being stressed, anxious, depressed or other things. Thank you U Maine for figuring this out. I hope this added help will benefit those in need however also translate into healthier life comping in the future.
Perhaps, Just perhaps it will with wins also. I know I am a selfish fan. I do want the wins.