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Postby bcbc55 » Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:43 pm

TAL1957 wrote:
bcbc55 wrote: .. TAL1957: What sport? When and where? Please.

Well at least ya said "Plz".
Bob - It Don't Matter !!
We/You/I/Charles/Etc. were Never that Good !! Stop trying to convince ya self that ya were !!
Sub-D1 at Best, Barely D3 in your case and Chucky - Kapeish ???

T: It may no matter to you but your basketball creditibility could be well on the line here on MBR.

Seeing you didn't answer the what sport, when and where. What do you think most people who don't think like you and are not your buddies will think.

The word starts with P and ends with a Y.

But you don't care, right.

How about a shooting contest just you and me. A game called "IRON" where the shot has to hit the rim and go in in order to count.

I have challenged others on MBR here that have questioned my basketball shooting ability and basketball knowledge with the IRON game and there have never been any takers, so you will probably join that list that didn't put up and didn't shut up either.

To make it even more interesting The loser of the shooting game of Iron has to agree to leave MBR for a year, Are you game?
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