Maine women's comeback Falls short to Albany

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Re: Maine women's comeback Falls short to Albany

Postby bcbc55 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:26 pm

Mainebballer wrote:bcbc55: Again, get your facts straight.
You're good at unsubstantiated generalizations, but pretty poor on actual facts.

You write that Barron arrived at Maine in 2013.

He was actually hired in May, 2011. Walsh was hired in May of 2014.

Who knows who actually opened the international pipeline for the Maine women's program ... I doubt any poster on this board truly knows.

But, to claim that Barron arrived in 2013 when, in fact, he was hired by Maine in 2011 ... it does strain your credibility.

mainebballer: Thanks for the correction, must be my age however, in this case it didn't really matter as fhe dates were not important as was that Doug and Barron did cross paths during their careers at Maine. Again thanks for the correction.
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