The Good and Bad News (Black) Bears

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The Good and Bad News (Black) Bears

Postby Media » Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:22 am

The Good and Bad News (Black) Bears
Let’s take a little tour of UMaine athletics for some good and some bad. Good news first!


The Good – Athletic Director Karlton Creech has agreed to a new 4 year contract. In his almost 3 years at the helm of UMaine athletics, Creech has laid the groundwork for a new plan going forward and developed the relationships that are so important to the future of Maine athletics. It is important to have stability at the top at this important juncture and the new deal for Creech provides that.

The Bad – All of the challenges that have existed for Maine athletics over the years remain. Most notably, budgets are tight and fundraising is job 1. After a few years on the job, Karlton Creech is fully aware of the challenges that exist for UMaine athletics. The fact that he is on board for more gives me optimism. Clearly, Creech is confident in his plan and ready to face the hurdles head on. ... ack-bears/
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