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Re: CIM's Blog: Answering basketball_guys excellent posts

Postby bcbc55 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:55 am

basketball_guy wrote:I can not speak for Bob to be honest but I suspect it had something to do with some of the events that have
unfolded possibly. I just don't know for sure. I met him two years ago. Believe me he is going to be the shot in
the arm that Maine needs on the bench at least. But I know this he is a straight shooter. He does not mess around
and he runs a clean program as they say. I can assure that there won't be any "STUFF" going on with recruiting if
he gets involved.

If Walsh falters at some point, he is probably going to be the replacement but frankly I hope Walsh succeeds because I think they both need to be at Maine a while in order to bring back the program to its glory days.
It goes without saying that experience brings success. And Walsh has taken his lumps the past three years, but lets see how things go. Bob Simon has a lot of success under his belt and he has a very positive attitude with the young guys just coming in. He will do an excellent job and his recruiting speaks for itself. He was primarily responsible for getting Alabama the Number 5 recruiting class two years ago.

Give him some time...a change usually takes a while.

basketball_guy: I'll certainly give him some time, but Walsh will get his full year unless something unforeseen happens.

If the powers-to-be at Maine were going axe Walsh they would have bought him out after this past year @ 18-74 and 19.6 winning percentage.

However, they didn't choose to do that. So he got his chance for his 4th and last year of his original contract.

So you think that Maine brought Simon in as a possible back up if Walsh does not return next year?

Walsh must have had to approve the hire?

The key will be is how much Walsh will give Simon his ear and how much will Walsh listen and instill Simon's suggestions during practices and in games.

In my opinion in order for Walsh to get a new contract Maine is going to have to go at least 8-8 in conference play and finish at least 4th or higher in the final regular season standings to get an opportunity to play the quarter-final game at the CIC in Bangor which would certainly increase their chance for their first tourney win under Walsh.

With the 9 players returning and the 8 new players coming in I believe 8-8 and a tourney win in the quarter-finals is doable this coming year. But that is just my opinion though.
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Re: CIM's Blog: Answering basketball_guys excellent posts

Postby basketball_guy » Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:41 am

Neither Walsh or Simon play the game, but it is like this Success breeds Success and I think that is how I see it with
Walsh and Simon. They work together I am sure things will be fine.

You don't get to the level that Bob Simon is at by not having success and all I am saying is he has been around a bit but that experience is going to be a big help at Maine. But in the end the players run the show. Coaches can only prepare them the best way they can.

I think Simon loves Maine, and I believe he will do very well at Maine. Sometimes you can just tell the winners from the losers in basketball. Winners are always a bit on edge and never are satisfied with status quo. Bob is like that. He can be outspoken at times but he knows his business and that is why I have a lot of respect for him. He is going to be a great teacher for those players at Maine that he works with and I believe the players he has coached at Providence and Alabama all speak highly of him.

No one questions the fact that Providence is very successful and Alabama has been successful as well during his short stint at Alabama.

I think I will just leave it at that. But Maines fortunes in Basketball are definitely looking up in my opinion because now you have Walsh and Simon working together on it.
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CIM's BLOG: Guard dominated rosters for UMaine BB teams play

Postby bcbc55 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:37 pm

If you are interested ina Bangor Daily News BLOG entitled "Guard dominated rosters of UMaine hoop teams have questions as they open Saturday", then just go to:
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Re: CIM's Blog: Are Going to 2 UMaine BB games Sat.?

Postby bcbc55 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:39 am

It looks like if you want to see the UMaine men's and women's basketball teams first games of the season this Saturday at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor you will have to be in attendance.

Because as of right now it appears that neither game will be streamed live as neither where listed to be streamed on their website schedule on as of yesterday.

Plus, I do not think they were streamed last year as they are pre-season exhibition games not non-conference regular season games against D-3 Husson men @ 3:00pm and D-2 Stonehill women @ 5:00pm.

There are a lot of newcomers for both UMaine teams. The men have 9 new players and 8 returnees and the women have 5 new players and 8 returning players.

Am going to see what potential each team has for the coming season.

Hope to see you at the Cross Insurance Center Saturday at 3:00pm.

Finally basketball games to watch locally and in person.

The high school tryouts and practices start in 25 days on Monday, November 20th for pre-season. High school games to start the weekend of December 8th and 9th.
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Re: CIM's Blog: New UMaine men's head assistant BB Coach Bob

Postby bcbc55 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:36 am

If interested in this article entitled," In my basketball opinion, new UMaine men's head assistant basketball coach, Bob Simon, is the most experienced and Qualified head assistant in the program's history"!!!!

Go to my offtherimbangordailynews, hit ABOUT, then hit "OFF THE RIM"in black lettering at the top of the article and then scroll down to find this article.
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CIM's BLOG: 78% of NFLers & 60% of NBAers bankrupt 5 years a

Postby bcbc55 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:09 am

Is it fake news or real news that 78% of NFL players and 60% of NBA players are bankrupt after 5 years of retiring.

Go to my Bangor daily news BLOG, Off the Rim.Go to if interested in this BLOG.

Hit ABOUT and then hit "OFF THE RIM in black at top of BLOG.
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CIM'S BLOG: Maine men get by D-3 St.Josephs 66-54

Postby bcbc55 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:05 pm

IF INTERESTED IN GAME WRITE UP JUST GO TO MY BANGOR DAILY NEWS BLOG.........offtherimbangordailynewsblog and hit ABOUT then hit OFF THE RIM in black letters at top of page and then scroll down to write up.
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CIM'S BLOG: UMaine BB Teams pre-season rankings are out

Postby bcbc55 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:27 am

The pre-season basketball team power rankings are out and the Maine men are ranked at 329 and the women are ranked at 150.

From what I saw at the 2 mens pre-season exhibition games against 2 D-3 teams defeating Husson 84-63 and edging St. Joseph's of Standish, Maine 66-54 and the women's one pre-season exhibition game a 68-49 loss to D-2 Stonehill I would say that the men's team have more athletic talent, overall size and experienced players then the women.

With more athleticism, size and overall experienced players I would say that the men should be ranked higher than the women in the realtimerpi pre-season team power rankings.

Possibly the realtimerpi team power pre-season rankings may have taken into consideration the men's 7-25 record last year compared to the women's 18-16 mark and a trip to their 2nd consecutive America East Conference Tourney finals finishing runnersup to Albany both years.

The men finished 334 in last years Pomeroy's final RPI ratings and are ranked 332 in the Pomeroy pre-season poll for this year.

Also, the fact that the men's team has been 3-25, 8-24 and 6-25 the past three years for an overall 18-74 record could also have been a factor too in the men's low Pomeroy pre-season RPI rankings of 332 and the team power ranking of 329.

Remember there are 351 division one teams.

I could not find the women's Pomeroy final last year's end of season RPI rankings or this years pre-season RPI rankings.

Both teams lost players via the transfer route last spring.

However, the men's team is more experienced as they have 3 starters returning 1 sophomore, 1 junior and 1 senior (the junior only played in the first 5 games and the senior the first 11 games because of injuries last year but are healthy now) , plus of the 5 JUCO transfers 1 is a sophomore and 4 are juniors and they only have 3 freshmen recruits coming in.

The women's 5 newcomers are all freshmen. Plus, they also lost 3 time first team all-conference point guard Sigi Koizar via graduation who is currently playing professionally overseas. They have 3 starters returning 2 who are sophomores and one is a junior.

The Men and women each lost 5 players by transfers, but the men have replaced those losses with as stated twice earlier above they have more overall size, athleticism and experienced players.
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Re: CIM's BLOG: Maine women: "What a difference a day makes"

Postby bcbc55 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:02 am

"24 LITTLE HOURS". Write up for Maine-Harvard women's game, I interested just go to my Bangor Daily News "offtherim"Blog. 's
Just go to
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Re: CIM's BLOG: Current Basketball Rankings UMaine Hoop Tea

Postby bcbc55 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:05 pm

Current Basketball rankings for UMaine men's and women's basketball teams: rankings out of 351 teams

America East Conference rankings out of 33 D-1 conferences

Pomeroy rankings of 351 teams
women....not available

RPI is based on strength of a teams/conferences individual schedules
Power rankings is based on strength of individual teams/conferences

For more information about the RPI rankings vs. the power rankings is on my BLOG entitled the same as this post.
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