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Re: CIM's BLOG: 5 upsets in Men's NCAA Big Dance so far

Postby basketball_guy » Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:29 am

I admit to being an Alabama guy but this win by UMBC is a tribute to the kids and their coach. Great Win for them but I also think it is a great win
for America East Conference as well. They gave Vermont a tough game in the America East Conference Championship game in Burlington....that was a forerunner of what was to come...

I listen to Jay Bilas say how Virginia lost this game more than UMBC won it. What do you expect from these ACC blue bloods who think they are the class of the Basketball world....Bilas is a lost cause....

UMBC took Virginia to the woodshed tonite....they outplayed them and they made Virginia look like the 20 point underdog instead of the other way around....which all speaks well for the America East Conference...

Who knows perhaps America East gets two teams into the NCAA's next year...that would be a great thing.

I just hope they can give Kansas State another solid would be a great thing for the America East

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Re: CIM's BLOG: 22 upsets in Men's NCAA 64 games

Postby bcbc55 » Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:14 pm

Entering this Saturday and Sunday's elite eight men's NCAA March Madness "Big Dance" one and done win or go home tournament there have been 21 low seeded teams that have beaten their higher seeded opponents,

Play in 4 games 0

Round 1 32 games 8 happened in the opening round the biggest was the history making 16th seed UMBC's win over 1 seed Virginia

Round 2 16 games 6 happened in the second round the biggest 11th seeded Loyola of Chicago over 3 seed Tennesse.

Round 3 8 games in Sweet 16 5 happened in the third round and the biggest was 11th seed Loyola of Chicago over 7th Seed Neveda.

Round 4 Elite 8 MAKE THAT 22 IN 64 as 11th seed Loyola of Chicago upsets 9 Kansas St.

Match ups

Game 1 11 Loyola of Chicago vs. 3 Michigan
Game 2 1 Villinova vs. 1 Kansas
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Re: CIM's BLOG: 22 upsets in Men's NCAA 64 games

Postby bcbc55 » Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:07 pm

Women's only have 15 of 59 games and all 4 of the Number 1's are left right now. Notre Dame, Conn., Lousiville are in final four and Mississippi State is up by 14 with 8:46 to go on 4th period and then all four number one seeds will be in the final four.

Match ups of the 4 ones:

Game 1 Misissippi State vs. Louisville
Game 2 Notre Dame vs. Connecticut
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CIM's BLOG: Dr. John G. leaving is basketball's loss!

Postby bcbc55 » Wed Mar 28, 2018 8:04 pm

Dr. John Gianninn was the most successful men's basketball coach at the University of Maine in their history in winning percentage as he had the best winning percentage of all time of 52.9% and had 2 20 win seasons has been relieved of his position as the head coach for former NBA and LaSalle star Tom Gola after 14 seasons at the helm of the Explorers. Dr, John got LaSalle to the "sweet 16".

He came to Maine from D-3 Rowan College were he won the D-3 national championship the season before he cam eto Maine. He sis also the last Maine coach to win a conference tournament game some years ago.

His success at Maine made him a great catch for LaSalle.

This is certainly basketball's loss and I wonder if he will be looking to still coach in the future. I knew him personally when I was coaching at John Bapst the 8 years he was at Maine from 1997-2004. Always enjoyed watching his teams play. He was always willingly to talk basketball and would take the time to answer any questions you had for him.

I think that one of the best things he ever did for his basketball program at LaSalle was all of the seniors he recruited graduated. In today's one and done mentality at the high D-1 level this is still very impressive and says a lot about what he thought was the most important part of his players college years.

Boy, it would be great if Maine could have him back at the University of Maine as he was the last coach to win 20 games in a season, have half of his 8 seasons there were winning seasons .500 or above and as I stated previously the last coach years ago to win a conference tournament game. If Andy Bedard from Mt. Valley High school (Rumford-Mexico) in Maine had not been so seriously injured that he could not play in the conference tournament Maine may well have made their first "NCAA March Madness BIG Dance" that they are still seeking.

Dr. G did a lot for Maine high school basketball in his time in Maine. He was always willingly to look at Maine high school players. I know this because he was interested in one of my players and the way he handled that situation was what was in the best interest of the player first and for his team second. I had players recruited over the years and he was the one and only recruiter that put the players interest first.

As good as a coach as Dr. John was "he was even a greater human being".

As much as Dr.John is going to miss the game, the game will miss him a lot more.

Good luck in the future coach. Hope to see you back coaching soon if that is your desire to. Whatever you do I know it will always be done first class.

Basketball misses you here in the state of Maine.
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CIM's BLOG: Working on Defensing the 12 ways to get three's

Postby bcbc55 » Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:31 pm

Currently working on my BDN Blog "Off the Rim", on "How to Defense the 12 ways to get 3's. Probably be done by the end of the week if you are interested.

Most effective 6 ways are for stand still shooters and less 6 effective ways are moving to position to get the 3.

Harder to defend stand still shooters than it is to defend players on the move to get the 3's.

This is really an opposite of a BLOG I did on the importance of the way to chart the 12 ways to get 3 point shots which is on my BLOG dated 12/26/2017 on my Bangor daily news Blog "Off the Rim".
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CIM's BLOG: How many players are 6'10"+ in AE men's BB?

Postby bcbc55 » Wed Apr 04, 2018 5:49 pm

After seeing how many 6'10" plus players that were used from the rosters of the men's 4 final four teams and the importance of them to their teams success in getting there and how they were needed for their 3 point games I went through the America East Verbal Commits Rosters for next season 2018-2019 and there are as of today, April 4, 2018 at 5:45pm and ONLY 5 are 6'10" or over and only 1 is a 7 footer who is at Stonybrook the other 4 are 6'10" each.

Stonybrook will have 2, Albany, UMBC, and UMass-Lowell have 1 each and Vermont, Maine, UNH, Hartford and Binghamton have 0 each as of now.
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CIM's BLOG: Men's D-1 BB "letter of intent" signing day

Postby bcbc55 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:53 pm

The NCAA men's D-1 basketball late "letter of intent" signing day for players who have signed verbal commits to a college is tomorrow, Wednesday, April 11th, 2018.

This means that Portland High School's outstanding point guard Terian Moss who was selected as Maine's Mr. Basketball and the Gatorade Player of the year could be the UMaine men's basketball new coaching regimes first signee.

Currently he is the only verbal commit that has committed to the Maine men's program. The other 7'0" Jonathan Komagum de-committed his verbal commit to UMaine on Saturday, April 7th, 2018.
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CIM's BLOG: T. Moss only U.S./Maine new recruit for UMe men

Postby bcbc55 » Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:59 pm

With Maine already having signed 5 recruits so far by new men's basketball head coach Richard Barron only one of them is a U.S. Citizen and a Maine resident and that is Portland High School's 6'0" point guard Terion Moss who was a two time Maine Gatorade Player of the Year and this years 2018 Maine's Mr Basketball.

The other 4 recruits are international players and 2 of them have played basketball in Maine at Lee Academy under the new Maine assistant coach and 2 of them are international players and played their college basketball at Texas State and South Plains JUCO.

They have a verbal commits in an international player from Sweden. They have 1 scholarship remaining to use.

This is a good move as international players usually are stronger fundamentally,but not as athletic as US players.

This means they should be better at playing the game more from the shoulders up then from the shoulders down which means they should be able to play with higher basketball IQ's making for better basketball decision making for improved shot selection, decreased turnovers, decreased player control and defensive fouls.

Where there is no high school basketball overseas in Europe it is replaced by CLUB teams which allows players to play in one by one year, by year by year age groups and even can play out of their age groups upward if their ability warrants which helps in their development. International players seem to respond more positive to coaching more then U.S. players and that is because of the fundamental age groups they play in and get their coaching in.

This is because most American players rely more on their athletic skills and most of the international players rely more on their fundamental skills and basketball IQ's. It is a different game across the pond. One that has served Coach Barron well in his coaching career here at UMaine.

Maine's current men's roster of 14 players have the following backgrounds:

14 players = 12 on scholarships (if verbal commits signs LOI) and 2 walk ons

2 Maine high school players
3 U.S. players
5 total U.S. players

6 Maine prep school international players
3 international players (includes 1 verbal commit)
9 total international players

All 5 members of the new coaching staff have coached basketball in Maine.

This is the most Maine oriented team since 2009-10 which was the last time Maine had a winning season of 19-10 when 3 Mainers started.

Recruiting international players for new Men's coach Richard Barron is not new to him as his women's teams roster was made up of many international players.

In fact, his best player in the turn around 3rd season of 17-15 and the following 2 20 win seasons was an international player point guard Sigi Koizar who played right here in Maine for a year as a junior in high school.

Barron has proof that he can turn a program around by the 3rd season by using International players. Plus the past season and a half the women's program has been very successful using international players and the 2 players that they have signed for 2018-19 are international players.

Let's hope this formula of recruiting more international players than U.S. players works as well for Coach Barron
with the men's program as it did with the Maine women's program. Only time will tell if that can happen before or by his 3rd year at the helm.
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CIM's BLOG: UMe Men going JUCO-International recruiting rout

Postby bcbc55 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:07 pm

Of the 6 new recruits that have signed their LOI's, 4 are combined JUCO-International recruits (Darwich-Larsson -Yagodin-Iluyomade,) 1 is a D-1 College transfer (N. Prijovic) and 1 is a high school senior (T.Moss).

N. Prijovic has been at D-1 Texas State for 2 years and has to sit out next year because of the transfer rule.

Darwin and Priovic both payed at Lee Academy for one of the new assistant coaches.

This (JUCO) is a good way to quickly rebuild as JUCO players are immediately eligible and come with experience against usually tougher competition than prep schools.

Dr. John G. was the first UMaine coach to go that route and was successful and Bob Walsh went that route after his first year and wasn't successful.

Coach Barron went that way with the women and was successful so we will have to wait and see if it works for him and if he can turn this program around in 3 years like he did the Maine women.

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