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Postby bainsey » Sat May 31, 2008 3:42 pm

zone1fan wrote:Just thought I'd point out a few bridges that Mr. James may have burned:

1. I think too much has been made over the whole Kings thing owning WZON. Have the Kings said anything about burning bridges? No, they expressed disappointment, but that's it. Besides, the Learfield folk sought out and found the best network of radio stations for UM athletics, and what ClearChannel (or its soon-to-be new owners) owns is a statewide network of stations. That's a far cry from a single 5,000-watt AM Bangor-based station.

2. I think people's emotion exceeded their logic with the Emily Rousseau situation. How was her wanting to jump ship different from any other player that wanted the same?

3. I agree with the downplay of wins/losses. As I've stated before, it doesn't send out a good message of productivity.

4. As for athlete misconduct, the only thing an administration can do is come down on it. I believe Blake James has done so.

Aside to Jeff: Of course I've been listening. I just don't agree on everything. I certainly appreciate insisting on excellence, or at least "better than average," but how do you quantify an A.D. that way? Wins/losses? Money raised? Scandals created/avoided?

p.s.- When my son was at Bear Necessites this weekend, he peeked into a dark Alfond where the old scoreboard was sitting on the floor next to the new one and a new lift. Yes, it does have a JumboTron. And for bonus, new boards and Plexiglass.
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