Officiating Shortages

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Officiating Shortages

Postby MBRRadio » Wed May 30, 2018 6:36 am

Maine high school and youth sports are suffering from a shortage of referees, umpires and other officials and nobody is sure how to solve the issue. ... 656664477/

We REALLY don't know what causes this?

1. Maine's population is aging. There's less people to choose from.

2. The ones that could do it don't want to do it because of a multitude of reasons, including:

a: Rude fans
b: Mandatory meetings most can't make if they have a normal job

Until you address the population issue, you are going to have shortages on everything, from players, to coaches, to officials.
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Re: Officiating Shortages

Postby rulesdoctor » Wed May 30, 2018 8:54 am

Article addressing Michigan's' referee shortage: ... e-shortage
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Re: Officiating Shortages

Postby rulesdoctor » Wed May 30, 2018 9:46 am

Oklahoma: ... &mode=text

The official IAABO Facebook page has many more independent articles addressing the Referee shortage,but I will stop here. ... ms&fref=nf
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Re: Officiating Shortages

Postby bcbc55 » Thu May 31, 2018 5:17 pm

There sometimes is a problem that some older officials of any sport don't want to seem to have more younger officials develop because it may mean less assignment of games for them.

Boards should have mentoring programs where a young new official is mentored by an older veteran official who is assigned varsity games after a JV game his official is working. Reffing a freshmen or JV game with the official he/she is mentoring.

Positive criticism is a big help to young officials.

Going to games together to go over the officiating of the game they are watching.

If each veteran official had ONE young new official to mentor each season and with the internet they can be in constant contact with each other.

On good key to getting more young officials is to have the help of the older officials of a board.

Another good source is to go to colleges to try to get students to want to become officials in sports that they played in high school. Great resource and the money that they can make on middle school and freshmen games is more than they can work for minimum wage, plus they get some exercise. One contest regardless of what it is usually doesn't take more than a hour and a half or 2 hours at the most. Game fee is fair and their is mileage for the person who provides the transportation.

Schools should also add a riding fee for the non driving official which should be half that of the mileage fee for the driver after all they are in the car the same amount of time as the driver. This is usually not done, but would make officiating more attractive specially on long trips to ref or officiate.

Just from my experience of reffing basketball at all levels, volleyball for HS and College and Softball for high school in my retirement did this from 2000-2015 to the age of 75. Excellent retirement job to suppilment my retirement checks and where could I get paid well, get my needed exercise and still be involved with the game.

Also, as a high school ADI always made sure that the officials were treated properly and more than once I asked fans who were getting on the officials at games that if hey didn't stop getting on the officials I would refund them there money and ask them to lave and if there was no charge for the contest I would tell them they would have to leave if they didn't stop harrassing the officials. I also told them if they wouldn't leave then I would call the police, that usually got them to quiet down. Didn't ever have to call the police.
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