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Re: Maine D3 MBB & WBB Bracketology

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:13 am
by Countryboy
St Joe's (21-4), Husson (20-4), UNE (20-4), and Bowdoin (21-3) all win on Sat., thus becoming the first quartet of Maine WBB teams to notch 20+ wins in the same season since 2006-07, when all 4 made the NCAA Tourney that year. Could this be the case this year? Only if Husson, UNE, & St Joe's win their Conf AQ's is my guess.

The good news fortunately is that Husson, St Joe's, and UNE all secured the 1 seeds in their Conf Tourney's.

The bad news is that all 3 LEC teams won as well yesterday with 21-4 UMASS-Dartmouth leading the way.

An interesting side note is that UMD has never received an NCAA invite, so if they make it to at least the LEC Title game then that streak will come to an end most likely.

Re: Maine D3 MBB & WBB Bracketology

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:27 pm
by Countryboy
There are 20 NCAA at-large bids for WBB to be divided up between 9 Regions. I'll let you do the math. And 2 at-large bids for the Northeast Region have already been spoken for and are going to the NESCAC. That leaves 1 or possibly 2 more. 1 will most likely go to the LEC runner-up, so that leaves one remaining. It's doubtful all 8 1 seeds will win their Conf AQ's in the Northeast Region, so there's going to be a number of teams with 20+ wins missing out.

Maine WBB at-large candidates Conf. tourney sch.

NAC --- #4 Colby Sawyer (18-8) @ #1 Husson (20-4)---Semi's 2/24

CCC--- # 8 Gordon (7-18) @ #1 UNE (20-5) 2/21

GNAC--- #4 south Albertus Magnus (14-11) @ #1 north St Joe's (21-4) 2/21

NESCAC --- #3 Bowdoin (21-3) @ #2 Tufts (24-1)---Semi's 2/25

It'll be interesting to see how all these Conf AQ's shake out because there are a number of teams sporting 20+ wins (13 actually) in the Northeast Region, which has 8 Conf. AQ bids. Right now 20-5 Babson with it's #14 SOS & #4 Northeast Region Ranking seems to be sitting pretty while awaiting their Semi Final opponent TBD.

Based on the large quantity of 20+ win teams I think that the committee will grant at least 4 at-large bids (20% of total at-large bids) to the Northeast Region (2 to the NESCAC), which leaves 2 slots open for the remaining teams to fight over, so if the Maine Schools do not win their Conf AQ's then they could wind up on the outside looking in with 20+ wins, and no one wants to see that happen.

Husson's SOS is 169, UNE's SOS is 231, while St Joe's sits at 261 SOS. Advantage Husson among the Maine schools. Nothing anyone can do now but take care of BUSINESS in their Conf Tourney's!!!

Re: Maine D3 MBB & WBB Bracketology

PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:24 am
by Countryboy
Both St. Joe's (22-4) & UNE (21-5) escaped with contested quarterfinal wins at home. UNE will now host #5 seed Eastern Nazarene (18-8), while St. Joe's will host #2 south seed Johnson & Wales (19-7).

UNE twice defeated Eastern Nazarene during the regular season by 10 & 11 points respectfully, while St. Joe's topped J&W by 18 on the road.

After last nights results there are now 13 teams in the Northeast Region that have accumulated 20+ wins, which is far and away the most of any of the 9 Regions, with the possibility of adding a couple more teams to that equation over the next few days. Never before has winning your Conf AQ been more important than this season.

Should be a fun weekend all around ! It's almost as if the NCAA Tourney has already started for many teams.

Re: Maine D3 MBB & WBB Bracketology

PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:15 pm
by Countryboy
updated WBB Northeast Region Rankings... 2/22/17

1 Amherst 25-0
2 Tufts 23-1
3 Bowdoin 21-3
4 Eastern Connecticut 18-7
5 Mass-Dartmouth 21-4
6 Babson 20-5
7 Husson 20-4
8 Keene State 18-7
9 WPI 21-4
10 Springfield 18-7
11 University of New England 20-5
12 St. Joseph's (Maine) 21-4

UNE enters the top 12, but their SOS is 244, so the Conf AQ is their only way into the Dance. Same goes for St. Joe's, sporting a 252 SOS. I can't see Husson jumping over the LEC teams or Babson unless they lose, but they do have the best SOS of the Maine contingent with a 169 SOS.

If I were to take a stab at picking the probable 4 at-large bids they would be the 2 teams from the NESCAC (probably Bowdoin & Tufts), and the LEC runner up (other than remaining W. Conn.). if Babson loses their Conf Tourney then they would most likely be chosen as the 4th At-large bid based on their #15 SOS. If Babson wins the AQ then that opens it up to a team (like Husson hypothetically) who might not win their AQ for that 4th At-large bid.

Re: Maine D3 MBB & WBB Bracketology

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:43 am
by Countryboy
On the men's side of Bracketology only NAC members Thomas & Husson are left standing, as both face semi-final matchups. #1 Husson (19-6) hosts #4 Lyndon St (12-13), while #3 Thomas (14-12) faces #2 Castleton (16-8).

Husson split with Lyndon St during the regular season (W80-74--L71-70@home), while Thomas & Castleton also split (W70-69--L61-45)

If Thomas & Husson were to meet in the title game, Husson won both regular season meetings,including a 100-96 OT thriller a little over a week ago. Of note is that Thomas has never received an NCAA bid. Could this finally be the year?

Re: Maine D3 MBB & WBB Bracketology

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:20 am
by Countryboy
St Joe's (22-5) squeaks out a 91-90 2 OT thriller vs Johnson & Wales and now faces #1 south Emmanuel (20-7) for all the marbles. Meanwhile UNE (22-5) coasts to a 75-59 victory over Eastern Nazarene and will now face #3 WNE (19-8) for the NCAA AQ.

UNE & WNE split during the regular season while St. Joe's defeated Emmanuel by 11 at home. As you can see, gaining that 1 seed and home advantage was definitely the difference maker for St. Joe's. Hopefully it's enough for UNE & Husson as well.

Emmanuel's 20th win now makes it 14 teams in the Northeast Region who have achieved 20+ wins, which is double of any other Region.

I wish they could hold a 1st & 2nd round NCAA pod made up of just Maine teams if all 4 Maine teams were to make it in. Not gonna happen, but it would be pretty cool, and would be a great atmosphere I'm certain.

Re: Maine D3 MBB & WBB Bracketology

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:40 pm
by AMO12
Please keep doing this. I love the information. Great read.

Re: Maine D3 MBB & WBB Bracketology

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:40 pm
by Countryboy
On the women's side, before play has even begun there are 8 at-large bids already spoken for because of head2head matchups among the top 35 teams as they face off in Conf Tourney's throughout the 9 Regions. Better hope all the AQ's fall into place for any fringe at-large candidates to be considered for the few coveted bids that may be left.

NAC MBB update: Thomas gets by Castleton 71-57 and will now face Husson (a 98-84 winner over Lyndon St.) for a chance to gain it's first ever NCAA Tourney bid. Will Cinderella's slipper fit the Terriers?

Re: Maine D3 MBB & WBB Bracketology

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:34 pm
St Joe's (22-5) squeaks out a 91-90 2 OT thriller vs Johnson & Wales

Great stuff Countryboy...btw St Joe's is 23-4

Re: Maine D3 MBB & WBB Bracketology

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:13 am
by Countryboy
Aces are wild as all four 1 seeded Maine squads ( 3 Wbb & Husson men ) go 8-0 on their home courts to secure their Conf AQ bids. Congrats!!!!

In the Northeast Region I look for Tufts & Amherst to host. My guess is that UNE, St. Joe's, and Husson will be 3 seeds in the 4 team pods, while Bowdoin will most likely be a 2 seed. Not sure who will host the 3rd pod, but my guess is it will be one of the schools in the East or Atlantic Region.

my Region picks for the Dance...

1. NESCAC Champ AQ (Tufts 25-2/Amherst 27-0)
2. NESCAC Runner up
3. Bowdoin (21-4)
4. LEC Champ AQ (ECSU 20-8/Keene St 21-7)
5. NEWMAC Champ (Babson 22-5 /WPI 23-5)
6. LEC Runner up
7. Husson-NAC AQ (22-4)
8. NEWMAC Runner up or LEC 3rd UMD (22-5)
9. St. Joe's-GNAC AQ (24-4)
10. UNE-CCC AQ (23-5)
11. Westfield St-MASCAC AQ
12. Regis-NECC AQ

on the outside looking in...

UMASS-Dartmouth (22-5) or WPI 23-5

Regional Rankings and NCAA Selections come out on Monday. I look for at least one all Maine match up. My choice would be UNE v. St Joe's

#1 ECSU falls to Keene St in the LEC title game, so will 22-5 UMass-Dartmouth get in ahead of 23-5 WPI, after they got spanked by Babson? UMD has a much stronger SOS, so I say yes.

Amherst beats Tufts again for the NESCAC title and overall #1 seed in the tourney. Gas up the buses everybody!