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What’s it like being the child of a hall of famer and celeb

PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2016 6:19 am
by Tom Nolette
What’s it like being the child of a hall of famer and local broadcasting celebrity? You break a lot of eggs.

... “You just want your kids to do what they love and be happy,” Emily said. “The lessons you learn in an athletic environment are the most valuable lessons you can learn and apply to life.”

“Sports is the foundation for the rest of your life,” Hillary said, who graduated with a degree in sociology from Bates and is now an events coordinator for the High School Year Exchange (Student) program in Boston. “In the workplace, I’m competitive and team-oriented. I learned that not only from sports, but from my parents, too.”

“When you’re growing up, you think everybody’s parents have all this knowledge about sports,” Ellis said. “I didn’t realize until I got older how lucky we were to have mom and dad as our parents. Not only did they teach us a lot of lessons through sports, they’re also good human beings.”

Tim pointed out that he and Emily insisted that their children play a musical instrument so they would be well-rounded. Ellis played drums and Hillary played clarinet and piano. ... t-of-eggs/