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Postby Tom Nolette » Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:35 am


FRANCONIA, N.H. -- Mardi Haskell ended an illustrious alpine ski career at Colby College by taking 14th place in the slalom at the NCAA Division I Skiing Championships at Cannon Mountain on Friday.

Michael Boardman placed 21st for the Mules in the men's slalom.

Haskell earned her fourth All-American honor in the giant slalom on Wednesday. She had finished fourth in the slalom at nationals the past two years, but was 13th after the opening run. She had some problems about one-third of the way down the course where many other skiers had issues as well.

Haskell had a two-run total time of 1:59.64 on runs of 1:00.46 and 59.18.

Boardman, who placed 14th in the giant slalom on Wednesday, had another solid result with his 21st-place finish. He had runs of 59.00 and 55.13 for a total time of 1:54.13.

NCAA Skiing Championships
Women's slalom results
1. Paula Moltzan, University of Vermont, 1:56.57
2. Andrea Komsic, Denver University, 1:57.08
3. Foreste Peterson, Dartmouth, 1:57.46
4. Monica Huebner, Denver University, 1:58.06
5. Nora Christensen, Colorado, University, 1:58.07
6. Alexa Dlouhy, Dartmouth, 1:58.18
7. Benedicte Lyche, Montana State, 1:58.21
8. Roni Remme, University of Utah, 1:58.45
9. Genevieve Frigon, University of New Hampshire, 1:58.96
10. Stephanie Gartner, Montana State, 1:59.20
11. Kelly Moore, Dartmouth, 1:59.27
12. Julie Mohagen, University of Utah, 1:59.28
13. Tonje Trulsrud, Colorado University, 1:59.49
14. Mardi Haskell, Colby, 1:59.64
15. Freydis Einarsdottir, Plymouth State, 1:59.93
16. Tuva Norbye, Denver University, 2:00.35
17. Jocelyn McCarthy, Montana State, 2:00.36
18. Madison Irwin, University of Vermont, 2:00.93
19. Sydney Staples, University of New Mexico, 2:01.47
20. Kelsey Chenoweth, Bates, 2:01.83
21. Isabella Fidjeland, Colorado University, 2:02.39
22. Caroline Bartlett, Middlebury, 2:03.66
23. Jackie Atkins, Middlebury, 2:04.05
24. Karoline Myklebust, University of New Mexico, 2:04.15
25. Katharine Irwin, University of New Mexico, 2:05.32
26. Alix Wells, U. Alaska-Anchorage, 2:05.57
27. Anna Willassen, Saint Michael's, 2:06.36
28. Laurence St.-Germain, University of Vermont, 2:08.03
29. Chloe Fausa, University of Utah, 2:24.49
30. Katerine Lamoureux, U. Alaska-Anchorage, 2:45.48
31. Charley Field, U. Alaska-Anchorage 2:53.40
DNF: Hannah Hunsaker, Williams
DNF 2nd run: Lisa Wedsjoe, University of New Hampshire
DQ: Emma Woodhouse, University of New Hampshire

Men's slalom results
1. David Ketterer, Colorado University, 1:49.23
2. William St.-Germain, University of Vermont, 1:49.63
3. Erik Read, Denver University, 1:49.92
4. Thomas Woolson, Dartmouth, 1:49.97
5. Endre Bjertness, University of Utah, 1:50.09
6. Tanguy Nef, Dartmouth, 1:50.39
7. Max Roeisland, University of Vermont, 1:50.53
8. Max Luukko, Colorado University, 1:50.59
9. Rob Cone, Middlebury, 1:50.61
10. Guillaume Grand, Saint Michael's, 1:51.47
11. Karl Kuus, Plymouth State, 1:51.75
12. Alex Leever, Denver University, 1:51.91
13. Tanner Farrow, Denver University, 1:51.98
14. Ola Johansen, Colorado University, 1:51.99
15. Mathias Grimsrud, Saint Michael's, 1:52.26
16. Morten Bakke, Montana State, 1:52.52
17. Dominic Unterberger, U. Alaska-Anchorage, 1:53.08
18. Isak Klein, University of New Mexico, 1:53.31
19. Addison Dvoracek, Montana State, 1:53.32
20. Anthony Naciuk, U. Alaska-Anchorage, 1:54.00
21. Michael Boardman, Colby, 1:54.13
22. Gabriel Coulet, University of Vermont, 1:54.45
23. Patrick Brachner, University of New Mexico, 1:54.54
24. Sam Dupratt, University of Utah, 1:55.07
25. Colin Hayes, Middlebury, 1:56.62
26. Fredrik Maurstad, Colby-Sawyer, 1:58.32
27. Brian McLaughlin, Dartmouth, 1:58.66
28. Joergen Brath, University of Utah, 2:00.46
29. Michael Cooper, Bates, 2:05.30
30. Devon Cardamone, Middlebury, 2:08.70
31. Hughston Norton, U. Alaska-Anchorage, 2:08.84
32. Chris Steinke, University of New Hampshire, 2:17.06
33. Garret Driller, Montana State, 2:36.65
DQ: Rob Greig, University of New Mexico
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Re: SKI:

Postby Tom Nolette » Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:10 am

BatesSports‏ @BatesSports
Great @flyingpoint photos of Bates' Kelsey Chenoweth & Michael Cooper at yesterday's NCAA slalom competition: ... 0004/index

BatesSports‏ @BatesSports
Sadie James of Avon, Maine races in women's 15K freestyle race at NCAA Championships at noon! Video: #mesports
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Postby Tom Nolette » Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:12 am


JACKSON, N.H. -- The Colby College Nordic ski team had all four skiers in the top 20 on the final day of the NCAA Division I Skiing Championships at the Jackson Touring Center on Saturday.

Colby's entire ski program (alpine and Nordic combined) finished 10th in the country and were just 3.5 points out of nine place. The Mules were the top Division III team in the country.

Mule sophomore Zane Fields went from finishing 35th at last year's 20-kilometer freestyle mass start to take 13th place this year. He got off to a nice opening lap of four to stay in the top 15 the entire way. Fields had a time of 47:17.6 and finished just behind Jordan Fields (Zane's brother) of Williams College.

"Zane's a better skater and last year the long distance was classic, but it's still an impressive result," Colby head coach Tracey Cote said. "Zane's finish is the best male NCAA result we have ever had and Silas (Eastman) tied our previous best result."

Eastman and Olivia Amber both placed 18th in their respective races, while Amy Bianco was right with Amber at the line in 19th place in the women's race. Eastman clocked a time of 48:00.9 in his final collegiate race and combined with Fields to score 32 points on a day when the high temperature was one degree.

"I am so proud of this entire team and of these four skiers today. They weren't intimated by anyone and skied their hearts out," Cote said. "It's a great way to send off three amazing seniors. Amy, Olivia, and Silas have forever made a significant mark in our program and Colby athletics. We had so much Colby alumni support on the coldest day of the year, huge thanks to all of them. The course was a sea of blue."

Amber, an All-American a year ago, had a finish of 41:47.1 over the 15K course. Bianco and Amber raced near each other the entire way, with Bianco finishing in 41:47.2.

"Amy and Olivia were great, it was a fitting end for them in a photo finish," Cote said.

NCAA Division I Skiing Championships
Final team totals (alpine and Nordic combined)
1. University of Utah, 541.5
2. University of Colorado, 525.0
3. Denver University, 524.0
4. Dartmouth College, 400.0
5. University of Vermont, 355.0
6. Montana State University, 320.0
7. University of New Mexico, 188.5
8. Northern Michigan University, 182.0
9. University of New Hampshire, 146.0
10. Colby College, 142.5
11. University of Alaska-Anchorage, 125.0
12. Williams College 107.5
13. University of Alaska-Fairbanks, 104.0
14. Middlebury College, 94.0
15. St. Michael's College, 56.0
16. Plymouth State University, 49.0
17. Bates College, 29.0
18. Michigan Tech University, 28.0
19. College of Saint Scholastica, 24.0
20. Bowdoin College, 21.0
21. Colby-Sawyer College, 15.0

Men's 20K freestyle mass start results
1. Martin Bergstroem, University of Utah, 46:02.8
2. Mads Ek Stroem, Colorado University, 46:03.3
3. Moritz Madlener, Denver University, 46:03.4
4. Petter Reistad, Colorado University, 46:04.0
5. Fabian Stocek, Dartmouth, 46:04.7
6. Adam Martin, Northern Michigan University, 46:21.5
7. Dag Frode Mikkelsen, Denver University, 46:46.7
8. Martin Mikkelsen, University of Utah, 46:51.2
9. Luke Brown, Dartmouth, 46:51.8
10. Kevin Bolger, University of Utah, 46:52.9
11. Lars Hannah, Denver University, 46:56.7
12. Jordan Fields, Williams College, 47:14.3
13. Zane Fields, Colby College, 47:17.6
14. Thomas Bye, Michigan Tech University, 47:48.1
15. Eli Hoenig, Williams College, 47:54.1
16. Callan Deline, Dartmouth, 47:58.5
17. Arnaud Guyon, University of New Mexico, 47:59.9
18. Silas Eastman, Colby College, 48:00.9
19. Juri Miosga, University of Vermont, 48:03.4
20. Michael Fehrenbach, U. Alaska-Fairbanks, 48:08.1
21. Braden Becker, Williams College, 48:14.3
22. Peter Holmes, University of New Hampshire, 48:16.5
23. Max Donaldson, U. Alaska-Fairbanks, 48:23.6
24. Reitler Hodgert, College of Saint Scholastica, 48:27.6
25. Cully Brown, University of Vermont, 48:28.7
26. Lewis Nottonson, Middlebury, 48:29.5
27. Jan Cech, U. Alaska-Fairbanks, 48:30.2
28. Jackson Hill, Colorado University, 48:37.7
29. Aljaz Praznik, University of New Mexico, 48:41.5
30. Petteri Vaherkoski, University of New Mexico, 48:45.2
31. Gaspard Cuenot, Michigan Tech University, 48:56.4
32. Toomas Kollo, U. Alaska-Anchorage, 48:57.1
33. Ian Moore, University of Vermont, 49:40.6
34. Karsten Hokanson, Montana State, 49:58.7
35. Pietro Mosconi, U. Alaska-Anchorage, 50:03.5
36. Noah Andersen, Montana State, 50:20.6
37. Zak Ketterson, Northern Michigan University, 50:32.9
38. Zackarias Toresson, U. Alaska-Anchorage, 50:37.5
39. Tomi Mikkonen, Michigan Tech University, 52:12.9
DNF: Fredrik Schwencke, Northern Michigan University

Women's 15K freestyle mass start results
1. Petra Hyncicova, Colorado University, 39:21.6
2. Alayna Sonnesyn, University of Vermont, 39:42.7
3. Christina Rolandsen, Colorado University, 40:00.5
4. Anika Miller, Montana State, 40:05.6
5. Merete Myrseth, University of Utah, 40:23.1
6. Guro Jordheim, University of Utah, 40:37.7
7. Johanna Talihaerm, Montana State, 40:39.2
8. Sarissa Lammers, U. Alaska-Fairbanks, 40:46.5
9. Elizabeth Gill, University of New Hampshire, 40:48.6
10. Hannah Miller, Bowdoin, 40:50.5
11. Sylvia Nordskar, Denver University, 40:52.2
12. Nichole Bathe, U. Alaska-Fairbanks, 40:52.3
13. Kristen Bourne, Northern Michigan University, 40:52.9
14. Natalia Mueller, University of Utah, 40:53.7
15. Krista Niiranen, University of New Mexico, 41:33.0
16. Jana Klaiber, University of Vermont, 41:38.1
17. Hailey Swirbul, U. Alaska-Anchorage, 41:46.9
18. Olivia Amber, Colby College, 41:47.1
19. Amy Bianco, Colby College, 41:47.2
20. Abigail Drach, Dartmouth, 41:51.5
21. Lauren Jortberg, Dartmouth, 41:52.2
22. Vivian Hett, Northern Michigan University, 41:55.2
23. Nicole Schneider, Northern Michigan University, 42:07.3
24. Silje Wilson, University of New Hampshire, 42:16.3
25. Iris Pessey, University of Vermont, 42:23.4
26. Kelsey Dickinson, College of Saint Scholastica, 42:27.8
27. Taeler McCrerey, Denver University, 42:41.9
28. Jess Knori, Colorado University, 42:57.4
29. Linn Eriksen, Denver University, 43:04.8
30. Casey Wright, U. Alaska-Anchorage, 43:06.4
31. Kathleen O'Connell, Montana State, 43:13.1
32. Katrin Larusson, University of New Hampshire, 43:27.7
33. Natalie Hynes, U. Alaska-Anchorage, 43:53.1
34. Ann-cathrin Uhl, U. Alaska-Fairbanks, 43:58.2
35. Sonja Hedblom, Michigan Tech University, 44:21.2
36. Sadie James, Bates, 44:38.2
37. Brenna Egan, University of New Mexico, 45:32.0
38. Carolyn Lucca, Michigan Tech University, 47:06.8
DNF: Kati Roivas, University of New Mexico
DNS: Lydia Blanchet, Dartmouth
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Postby Tom Nolette » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:12 am

Colby Nordic Skiing‏ @ColbyNordic
Four Colby Nordic skiers all in top 20, ski program 10th in the country. ... dic3-11-17
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Postby Tom Nolette » Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:37 am

Colby College‏ @ColbyCollege
Four Colby nordic skiers all in top 20, ski program 10th in the country. ... dic3-11-17
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Postby Tom Nolette » Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:43 am


CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine -- Colby College's Michael Boardman capped off a successful few days for Mule skiers by winning the second run at the U.S. Alpine Championships on Tuesday at Sugarloaf.

Boardman had a starting bib of 33 and was in 21st place after his opening run of 1:12.73. His second trip down the hill beat all competitors, with a blazing 1:08.82 to move him up to a 12th-place finish in 2:21.55.

"His second run inspection was very relaxed and focused on where he could ski better," said Danny Noyes, Colby's head alpine ski coach. "The track held up really well, so it wasn't one of those times where the guys running early had a huge advantage. His experience on the hill certainly helped, but it was the combination of comfort on the hill and skill that made him the best to run that course."

Colby teammate Max Richard also skied well, finishing 27th in 2:25.87 (1:13.76, 1:12.11). Richard was starting 60th on the day.

Boardman and Richard teamed with Colby women's skiers Mardi Haskell, Jessica Reinhart, Sandra Schoepke, and Lexi Hanus to help the Eastern Region win The Regions Cup for the first time in 20 years. The Regions Cup is a calculated score between the three regions (Eastern, Rocky/Central, and West).

"Our Colby skiers played a huge part in that finish," Noyes said. "We had 10 results in the top 30, which is the skiers who score points. Six of those were in the top 20 and three were in the top 15."

Hig Roberts, the brother of Colby graduate and alpine skier Cassady Roberts '13, won the giant slalom title. He was third after the opening run and stayed consistent with a fourth-place second run.
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Postby Tom Nolette » Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:42 am

UM Presque Isle names new Nordic Ski Coach

PRESQUE ISLE, ME – The University of Maine at Presque Isle is happy to announce the hiring of Tim Whiton as the new Head Nordic Ski Coach. The position became vacant earlier this year when Joey Bard resigned to pursue other interests.

University of Maine at Presque Isle President Ray Rice is pleased with the addition of Whiton to UMPI. "I am very pleased that Tim Whiton will be joining the coaching and admission staffs of the University. His extensive experience and success in Nordic skiing, from racing at a high level through college, to coaching top junior programs and colleges, will ensure that we can build upon our Nordic program's competitiveness and success. Tim's knowledge of Maine, its school programs from the Carrabassett Valley to Caribou, perfectly positions him in terms of recruitment and simply getting the word out to the rest of the state and New England about UMPI's outstanding opportunities for Nordic skiers. We look forward to both Tim and his wife Tara to joining the UMPI community and returning to the great state of Maine!" ... 11024.html
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Postby Tom Nolette » Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:34 am


WATERVILLE, Maine -- Colby College graduate Mardi Haskell (Holderness, N.H.), a four-time All-American skier, is the College's nominee for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award.

Since the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) does not sponsor skiing as a conference sport, Haskell will be part of a separate pool of nominees selected by an NCAA committee. A committee put together by the NESCAC office selects the NCAA Woman of the Year nominee to represent the league.

Haskell was a four-time All-American for Colby at the NCAA Division I Championships. She was an All-East First Team selection all four years and was the Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association (EISA) Rookie of the Year. Haskell had two All-American honors in the slalom and two in the giant slalom. She finished fourth in the slalom as both a sophomore and junior and closed out her career finishing 10th in the giant slalom at the 2017 NCAA Championships.

In her final season, Haskell placed in the top 10 in every slalom race and all but one giant slalom race on the EISA circuit. Overall, Haskell finished in the top seven in 33 of 48 races in her career.

At Colby's Senior Awards Ceremony in May, Haskell earned The Millett Award as the top senior female athlete. At the U.S. Alpine Championships in late March 2017, Haskell finished eighth in the slalom and 13th in the giant slalom.

While at Colby, Haskell was a captain for the ski team, served as an orientation leader, and was a lab research assistant. She also volunteered for the Colby Relay for Life for three years and worked as a monitor in the athletic center.

Haskell graduated from Colby in May with a degree in biology. She was a three-time NESCAC Winter All-Academic Team selection and was a Champlin Scholar, an honor given to biology majors who have achieved academic excellence.

The NCAA Woman of the Year Award honors graduating student-athletes who have distinguished themselves throughout their collegiate careers in the areas of academic achievement, athletics excellence, service, and leadership. The winner for 2017 will be announced in Indianapolis on Oct. 22.
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