Colby: CLASS OF 2016 PERSPECTIVE: Chris Millman

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Colby: CLASS OF 2016 PERSPECTIVE: Chris Millman

Postby Tom Nolette » Fri Aug 12, 2016 7:35 am

CLASS OF 2016 PERSPECTIVE: Chris Millman, men’s cross country

(This is the seventh in a series of Class of 2016 perspectives. The student-athletes featured will write about their time at Colby.)

Chris Millman
East Greenwich HS/East Greenwich, R.I.
men’s cross country
major: chemistry; minor: math

Throughout my senior year at Colby, I used the phrase “As someone with what some would call perspective” when I was about to bless any younger student with my experience and wisdom. It was meant to be funny, and very infrequently, it was received that way. But the joke wasn’t for the people I was bothering with my opinions. It was a joke intended to help me cope with the ever-approaching expiration date on my college experience. I never wanted to leave. Colby was just too good to me.

One of the best aspects of being a student-athlete at Colby is the saying, “student-athlete…student comes before athlete.” That was an immensely present reality over the past four years. Being a student was always the most important part of attending Colby. But being a student at Colby doesn’t just mean you attend classes, do your homework, and stress over finals. Being a student means you are engaged with the community, and it is up to you to figure out which avenues you take. I was luckily part of the running program, but I also got to be involved in many different aspects of student life, from student organizations such as Mules Against Violence (MAV) to residential education with the hall staff program. Most importantly, I met people that have shaped every aspect of my life. Colby people, from the students to the faculty members, from the administrators to the custodial and dining staff, are some of the most incredible humans I have ever met.

My “perspective” on life at Colby is two pronged:

The first is that four years should be and is enough time for the “college experience,” but not for the relationships that you make. Enjoy any moment you can to make the most of them, because some day you’ll have to pack everything up and leave one last time. When that day comes, every memory you have should be as full, vibrant, and valuable as possible. So make them happen.

The most important learning you receive at Colby will be outside the classroom. Push yourself, engage with the community in ways you aren’t comfortable with, and ask people about their life experiences. There is nothing more important to do sometimes than to listen to someone tell a story. And don’t be afraid to reflect on your own story. ... s-country/
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