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A remembrance: Dennis Wooster — Mr. Umpire — unwavering

PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:48 am
by Village Soup
A remembrance: Dennis Wooster — Mr. Umpire — respected for unwavering diamond integrity

...Wooster's love for umpiring baseball came at a young age when, as a high school student, he worked his first Little League game and, at that very moment, the bug had beaten him.

That love of the game, the players, coaches and fellow umpires, which seeped deep into his heart and soul that first game, never diminished over his more than 50 years on the diamond.

Wooster liked to tell the story of when he was in high school and was bored one early summer evening so he drove to the then Rockland Little League field on Thomaston Street. There he found longtime teacher/coach/official Gene Gallagher working the game and Gallagher saw Wooster standing by the fence on the sideline and asked the young man to join him on the field.

It was 1965 and Wooster, about age 16 at the time, stepped onto the field and literally never stepped off. He worked that game and then literally hundreds in the decades that followed. ... ty/1679944