New Season Predictions

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New Season Predictions

Postby ChampMan » Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:27 pm

With the season less than a month and a half away (for most teams) I thought that we could get the ball rolling on MBR. So what better way to do that then make a Freshmen to look out for list. Then I'll list my Top 10 (p4p, no Freshman included) and the top five teams. Disclaimer - This is all subjective, and based on the Passed high school season.

Freshmen to look out for this season
Jackson Sutherland
Brycen Kowalski
Spencer Leclair
Jaxon Gross
David York
Cam Frost
Caden Frost
Travis Foster
Dillon Worster
Alex Munson
P4P List (Top 15)
1. Josh Cote
2. Nic Mills
3. Noah Lang
4. Quinton Richards
5. Mark Ward
6. Noah Dumas
7. Colby Frost
8. Alden Shields
9. Sam Martel
10. Zack Elowitch

Top 5 Teams
1. Noble - Noble is keeping many kids in their lineup that did really well last year. Two of the kids that I look forward to watching as they still have a ton of time left in high school is Josh Cote and Sam Martel.

2. Marshwood - Though Marshwood won the state tournament last year, they don't have me convinced that they can win it this year. Last year they did not have a single kid win All-States, it shows that their kids are really good, but none of them have reached the All-State champ stage yet. This team does have many young rising kids on it though.

3. Nokomis - This year is their pinnacle year. Quinton Richards, David Wilson, James Boyd, Caleb Carrell, Tyler Preble, and Calvin Peck. Could be a very dominant team.

4. Cony - This is the last year (for a while) that they are the dark horse in this race. They have Nic Mills and Noah Dumas to lead the team and the other solid wrestlers such as Jakob Arbour and Mitchell Macfarland to get extra points when needed.

5. Mt. Ararat - Mt Ararat didn't lose anyone influential last year (as my opinion) so it kept decent kids, well also recruiting some rising stars such as Brycen Kowalski and Spencer Leclair. It also keeps Caden Kowalski, Cody Holeman, Ben Laurence, and Brett Raio. A lot of the lighter weights. I'm afraid this team does lack some heavier weights.

Feel free to submit your own opinions.
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Re: New Season Predictions

Postby mrwrestle » Sun Oct 21, 2018 1:35 pm

Is Logan lord a Senior this year? because if so He should be like, top 3 or something. Elowitch probably needs to be higher too. Just me though.
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Re: New Season Predictions

Postby SpartanPride » Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:21 am

Josh Cote is an animal !!( and a New England placer as a Freshman ) ... But Quinton Richards won’t lose in the state of Maine and is going for his 3rd consecutive State title !!.. I give the slight edge in P4P to Richards and I think Nokomis wins the teams title in a close race with Noble ... good luck and good health boys!!
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Re: New Season Predictions

Postby mesportsfan00 » Fri Oct 26, 2018 2:37 pm

Wells will be in the mix too in class B. A number of good kids stepping up to fill spots after losing strong seniors. Jonah Potter lost in the state finals to Fredette as a freshman last year, will be strong at 182 or 195 in A and B.
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