Help with wrestling shoes

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Help with wrestling shoes

Postby TheWrestlingKid_X » Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:56 am

Hey yall,

I was looking to get some of the insight of the professionals here. My old wrestling gear has gone through wear and tear so I was looking to get new wrestling shoes. Now, I know there are lots of wrestlers out there who will swear by a certain brand of shoes or certain type but I'm really in two minds about it. I personally quite like the adidas wrestling shoes but even then, aren't they all really the same? I was looking at some of the Tyrint 08 ones as they got that classic look but adizero also look nice. Having said that, I'm open to being convinced of other ones if you've found ones that are great. I know it can be a little subjective but can you please suggest ones that you've found are great/feel comfortable? I am willing to invest a bit in my shoes as long as they feel right. Sooo yeah, let me know guys.

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