Post-Season Rankings

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Post-Season Rankings

Postby ChampMan » Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:47 pm

Now that we are officially in the post season, I thought we could introduce a new ranking, feel free to post your own rankings/opinions! (Note: I might forget some people, please comment people I forget)

1. Jake Craig
2. Colby Frost
3. Vinny Deroche
4. Landyn St Peter
5. Will Papp
6. Eric Andrews
HM. Anthony Napalitano
HM. Carter Fogarty

- With all the newcomers at 106, only one of them, Vinny Deroche, is not a freshman. So other then Vinny, we have to go off of this year alone with 106, and I must say that it is a really good weight class. Jake Craig gets the 1 spot due to him not having a single loss this year. Colby Frost won the Spartan Invitational, with a come behind win to beat off the #1 ranked kid in New Hampshire. Finally, Vinny Deroche has knocked off everyone except for Craig and Frost, which he lost 10-9 last time to.

1. Noah Dumas
2. Alden Shields
3. Jaden Balcewicz
4. Sean Moriarty
5. Jordan Douglas
6. Caleb Carol
HM. Jagger Bullen
HM. Magnus Heisler

113 is a very competitive weight class, and with new matches, I moved some rankings around. Jordan Douglas is finally back, and I have high hopes for him, he came back and wrestles Senior night and looked great. Dumas has went undefeated all season except for Noble when he lost to an out of state kid, Andrew Fallon, earning him the #1 spot. Alden Shields has greatly improved throughout the season, he took third at Noble after losing to Dumas, but has done great in every other meet/tournament. Jaden Balcewicz pinned Moriarty in the Noble v Marshwood duel, earning him the #3 spot.

1. Josh Brown
2. Josh Cote
3. Ricky Oberg
4. Caleb Weeks
5. Foster Ashmore
6. Tyler Prebble
HM. Dawson Allen
HM. Brandon Weston

120 Has changed a lot throughout the season. Many people have dropped down, changing the outcome of these rankings, so lets start. Josh Brown stays #1, He's been dominant at 120, however, our #2 is promising freshman Josh Cote. All year he's been on fire. Ricky Oberg is a weird story, he's lost to quite a few kids, but then usually went back and beat the same kids 2 weeks after. I believe he is a strong 3. Tyler Prebble upset Dawson Allen, putting Prebble above Allen

1. Sam Martel
2. Liam Coomey
3. Zyanthony Moss
4. Qasim Abdullah
5. Everett Roy
6. Jaden David
HM. Justin Wing
HM. Cody Holeman

126 Is a very interesting weight class to watch this year. Some of the wrestlers have cut from 126 to 120 however, meaning new people have been introduced. Martel has stayed at 126 most of the year, and at the Noble v Marshwood duel, solidified his rule of 126 by beating Coomey 10-5. Other then that Coomey has been on top of his A - Game bringing his spot to #2. Zyanthony Moss is down to 126, as he is a very aggressive wrestler, I cant wait for him to wrestle Coomey or Martel. Roy upset David at the Morse meet bringing his spot to #5.

1. Samson Sirois
2. Joe Pilecki
3. RJ Nelson
4. Josh Savage
5. Ben Laurence
6. Chase Curry
HM. Ian Henderson
HM. Gage Stone'

Very tough one right here. At 132, you have Sirois, one of the top contenders pound for pound, and has a shot at New Englands this year. Pilecki caught Nelson at Noble, I'm not sure if they have faced since, but because of this Pilecki gets 2. 3 is Nelson. Nelson is a great wrestler, and has had a successful year this year which is why he is #3.

1. Logan Lord
2. Mark Ward
3. Michael Sprague - Not sure where Sprague is actually at for regionals, but this is my guess.
4. Caleb Frost
5. Patrick Curtis
6. Chandler Shaw
HM. Matt Thompson - Not sure if he's going 132 or 138, but your guess is as good as mine
HM. Duncan Mcgilvery

138 is a toss up for me. I can't wait to see Logan Lord vs Mark ward matchup. Especially after Mark Ward nearly beat Sirois. Anyways, Lord gets the 1 spot from looking great this season thus far, I'm not sure if he's lost this year (Other then the Lowell holiday tournament) Ward is also doing great this year, I believe he is a strong 2. I'm not sure if Sprague has lost this year, but he will have a tough road ahead, however he's good enough to win. Thompson also beat Mcgilvery to earn his way into the list.

1. Peyton Cole
2. Jeremy Sendrowski
3. Noah Lang
4. Josh Grenier
5. David Spinney
6. Noah Hernandez
HM. Tyler Fitz
HM. Jacob Arbour

No changes here at 145. Peyton Cole is the clear cut winner of 145, well Jeremy Sendrowski is a strong 2. I believe the both of them have a chance at New Englands. Noah Lang still is #3, I did hear that Grenier beat Lang, if someone could confirm this, then Grenier would move to 3 and Lang would be switched to 4.

1. Quinton Richards
2. Zack Elowitch
3. Matt Pooler
4. Matt Beerworth
5. Eli Holbrook
6. Dominick Libby
HM Micah Fitzgerald
HM Joe Wessling

Also no changes here. Quinton Richards stays at 1 and will probably be your state champion at 152, but has a good rematch against Zack Elowitch who he pinned last time in the Noble final. Matt Pooler is also a strong 3 right behind. (Missed a lot of 152 matches, so this could be changed)

1. Dawson Stevens
2. David Wilson
3 Hil Kiesker
4. Tyler Beem
5. Dustin Simmons
6. Isaac Ducatt
HM. Andrew Brown
HM. Alvaro Huezo Coto

This has the potential to be one the toughest weight class all season. Dawson Stevens has looked on fire at 160 this year, and it doesn't look like he'll stop. Wilson won the Noble invitational easily, and Kiesker has a great chance with the rest of these guys.

1. Sam Anderson
2. Austin Pelletier - most likely going 170 for Regionals
3. Dylan Strong
4. Elijah Ames
5. Zac Wilson
6. Alex Vokey
HM. Jon Bell - Would be much higher, but his shoulder injury gives me worries
HM. Kyle Smith

With Pelletier most likely moving down to 170 this makes 170 much more interesting. Anderson will probably take 170 home, but Pelletier and Strong will be a great match.

1. Ryan Fredette
2. Mike Wrigley
3. Sam Strozier - Could be going 170
4. Zuka Mabior
5. John Nadeau
6. Aaron Lettre
HM. Isaac Plante
HM. Jonah Potter - not sure if he's 195 or 182

Scratch what I said about 160, this is going to be a brawl. You have arguably the best pound for pound wrestler in the state, Fredette at #1. You then have Wrigley who won Noble dominantly. You have Sam Strozier who stuck Pelletier last week. Don't count out Mabior, hes also in it to win it. The top 4 in this weight class could be all argued as top 20 p4p in the state.

1. Nic Mills
2. Jeffrey Worcester
3. James Thompson
4. Dalton Berry
5. Alex Glidden
6. Darin Buono
HM. Maorgan Welch-thompson
HM. James Cline

1. Nolan Potter
2. Nolan Degroot
3. Nick Works - I'm not sure but I think Demers and Works may have switched weights? Correct me if I'm wrong
4. James Boyd
5. Owen Shneider
6. Isaac Peavey
HM. Mohammad Aljendi
HM. Brennen Boulette

Theres not much to say here. It should be exciting, I think Potter has this in the bag though. Degroot and Works should be a good match. Isaac Peavey also has surprised me this season with how good he's doing. I believe Isaac Peavey could get higher then this list says.

1. Jake Peavey
2. Sean Mccormack-Kuhman
3. Levitt *Forgot First Name*
4. Addison Boisvert
5. Ryan Macintosh
6. Mitchell Mcfarlane
HM. Sol Demers
HM. Alex Smith

Peavey is looking great this season, and looks like a beast with nothing holding him back. I think he will win. Sean also beat Peavey earlier in the season in a very controversial call, I'm not sure if they faced since, but I believe Peavey has improved immensely since then. Also it seems Anthony Sanborn and David Gross are out taking two major names out of the race.

ok discuss!
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Re: Post-Season Rankings

Postby java » Sat Feb 03, 2018 3:51 pm

good rankings.
i think sirois will bump to 138 for new englands. 132 is going to be stacked.
jake craig is going to make some noise in new englands as a freshman.
strozier needs to move down if he wants a shot. he's good, but not that good to beat those 182 guys. i think he will have a battle at 170 as well. too bad he can't drop lower. i would love to see him wrestle richards at 152.
fredette should win new englands this year at 182. i just hope he has his A game to bring to new englands. he hasn't been challenged in maine which can be tough when you hit new englands.
looking for peavey to make some noise this year at new englands.
dont really see any battles in the state. no real tough head to head battles which is unfortunate. looks like most of the #1 guys should roll through their weight classes. i wish cole was at 152 again this year to challenge richards at all states.
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Re: Post-Season Rankings

Postby ChampMan » Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:53 am

I think Sirois wanted to stay at 132, and also a lot of things happened at KVAC which will change these rankings a lot. at 106 Jake Craig beat out Calvin Peck, Carter Fogarty didn't place and was beat by two unranked kids. Douglas at 113 was beat out by both Bullen and Carell. Ricky Oberg and Josh Brown put on a show in the finals, but Oberg pulled it out 11-8. Dawson Allen, Tyler Prebble and Michael Sprague went 126 and maybe this was the craziest weight class. Allen returned the favor to Prebble by beating Prebble and also upset Zyanthony Moss in a crazy match. Sprague had a very close match with Jaden David but pulled it out. Sprague beat Allen 6-4 in the finals. 132 had Vigue, Ben Laurence, Henderson and Curry. Vigue and Laurence was a 3-1 match, and Laurence barely pulled it out, where as Curry also beat Henderson. In a very good match, Laurence beat out Curry. Sirois bumped up to 138 to once again match up with Ward. But this time it only ended up 6-5, showing that the last match was no fluke. Sirois won. Shaw bumped up to 145, and was beaten by Stephen Lujan and a Mt Arrat guy. Lang pummeled through the weight easily. I missed most of 152, but it seems Eli Miller deserves a spot in the rankings at it after his performance. 160 Quinton Richards bumped up to face off with Stevens, and was putting a beating on him 11-2 before he got caught in a cradle and got pinned. Tucker Nichols of MT Blue faced off with Stevens but got pinned quick. 170 was really good. You had Pelletier, Alex Vokey, David Wilson, Jon Bell and Sam Strozier. Pelletier faced Wilson in an early round and was defeated 6-2. Jon Bell faced Strozier in the semi finals and in a crazy match a 9-7 win for Bell. Vokey upset Wilson in the last 10 seconds for a throw to Wilsons back earning him 4 points. Bell ended up beating Vokey 11-2 in the finals. I believe Bell proved me wrong about his shoulder injury. 182 was a walk through for Ryan Fredette, but Aaron Lettre did upset Zuka Mabior to make the finals against Fredette. John Nadeau was beaten out by a Erskine and Mt Blue kid. Nic Mills beat out Jeffrey Worcester in the finals. James Boyd won 220. Aljendi and Boulette faced off, and Aljendi won. Isaac peavey got knocked off by a Medomak kid I believe. Jake Peavey faced off with Mcfarlane in the finals, and won by fall. Ill try and release a new ranking by before Class A/B states.
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