PVC- Rankings Week #7 2018

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PVC- Rankings Week #7 2018

Postby EasternMaine1 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:46 am

It’s that time of year where we see a lot of wrestlers changing weight classes. They now need matches at those new weight classes to be able to wrestle at the end of the year tournaments.

Week #7- PVC Rankings


1. Foxcroft Academy- The Ponies traveled to Ellsworth for a Round-Robin Tournament. There were no team points awarded at this tournament the object was to get matches and to wrestle everyone. FA is going to get a battle from Dexter at PVCs

2. Dexter- The Tigers seemed to be getting stronger at the end of the year. Looked pretty impressive at Ellsworth.

3. Bucksport- The Golden Bucks need to start putting things together. They have been dealing with injuries but it’s that time of year where they need to get ready for PVCs. Congratulations to Senior Foster Ashmore on his 100th Career Win.

4. Ellsworth- The Eagles hosted their Round-Robin Tournament. They are still having injury problems, but if they get everyone back they can also upset a lot of teams.

5. Mattawnacook Academy-
The Lynx traveled to Ellsworth and saw some tough competition from the PVC teams. They need to get back that excitement and momentum they had early in the season. They still have the depth to do it.

PVC Wrestlers

1. Logan St. Peter- Ells
2. Travis Hutchinson- Bucks
3. Mitchell Gower- Calais
4. Austin Jackson- FA
5. Rylee Saucier- Car
6. Colin Biggs- Ft K

1. Cody Sirois- PVHS
2. Rico Ayala- FA
3. Clyde Carr- MA
4. Kiah Wilson- Bucks
5. Lance Daigle- Ft Kent

1. Foster Ashmore- Bucks
2. Caleb Weeks- Dex
3. Oakley Dugans- BC
4. Brandon Weston- FA
5. Ethan Moultan- PCHS
6. Tristen Taylor- WA

1. Justin Wing- DEx
2. Travis Mushero- MA
3. Ashton James- Cal
4. Grady Reardon- FA
5. Kaleb Toby- Lee

1. RJ Nelson- FA
2. Gage Stone- Dexter
3. Daegan Eastman- MA
4. Ken Minnick- Bucksport
5. Jacob Nadeau- PCHS

1. Logan Lord- Ells
2. Evan Michaud- Car
3. Jacob Emery- JB
4. Dakota Doane- MA
5. Andrew Parsons- Bucks
6. Aidan Manning- FA

1. Peyton Cole- Ells
2. Devin Darveau- Bucks
3. Isaiah Hesseltine- MA
4. Jacob Diamond- FA
5. Cory Jandreau- Caribou
6. Chris Bean- MA

1. Dominic Libby- MA
2. AJ Atkinson- FA
3. Reece Pelletier- FK
4. Ricky Perkins- Buck
5. Matthew McCormack- Car

1. Tyler Beem- Dex
2. Andrew Brown- Ells
3. Dustin Simmons- FA
4. Cordell Powers- MA
5. Derick Robbins- Bucks
6. Ian Dubois- FK

1. Elijah Ames- FA (beat Wilson)
2. Zac Wilson- PCHS
3. CJ Rocheleau- FK
4. Max Lister- Car
5. Sam Horne- Ellsworth

1. Augusta Irwin- Dexter
2. Jordan Labbe- FK
3. Josiah Brown- WA
4. Charlie Hughes- Ells
5. Billy Griffith- PCHS

1. Caden Williams- Calais
2. Chris Barnes- Ells
3. Kim Dongioon- Dexter
4. Josh Whittemore- FA
5. April Coleman- Bucks

1. Joe Tuulima- PVHS
2. Dakota Page- MA
3. Jared Smith- JB
4. Eric Bennett- Dexter
5. Garrett Cooley- FA
6. Terry Montemaggy- Calais

1. David Gross- Bucks
2. Romeo Mellitis- Hermon
3. Emmanuel Pettingill- FK
4. Jared Atkinson- FA
5. Ben Fiske- MA
6. Jacob Bowen- BC
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