PVC- Rankings Week#2 2017

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PVC- Rankings Week#2 2017

Postby EasternMaine1 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:26 pm

Week #2- PVC Rankings


1. Mattawnacook Academy- They have looked good early on. They won the PVHS Tourney by beating FA and then Bucksport in a duals meet on Wednesday. They have a good core of Seniors, lead by Dominic Libby, and some tough Freshman in their lineup.

2. Foxcroft Academy- They will be in the hunt again this year to defend their title. They bring an experienced lineup, lead by Seniors RJ Nelson and Elijah Ames. They finished 2nd at the PVHS Tourney

3. Bucksport- They made some noise last year and look to take that next step this year. They started by wining the Dexter Duals by defeating FA, Skowhegan, and Camden Hills. They bring a quality senior class lead by Foster Ashmore.

4. Dexter- The Tigers have a new coach this year in Andrew Levansalor. He is a former Dexter wrestler that knows to well of the tradition of wrestling at Dexter. He inherits a young team this year, but has 2 returning State Champions that will lead the way in Tyler Beem and Justin Wing. They won the Pre-Season Ryan Detour Tournament in Bucksport.

5. Ellsworth- The Eagles don't have the same depth as last year, but they have two of the best wrestlers in the State in Logan Lord and Peyton Cole. The key for them is to develop their other wrestlers to be ready for the post season.

6. Fort Kent- The Warriors had a good showing at the PVHS Tourney. They have a young group of wrestlers that compete hard. They are lead by Reece Pelletier and Jordan Labbe.

PVC Wrestlers

1. Travis Hutchinson- Bucksport
2. Logan St Peter- Ellsworth
3. Michael Gower- Calais
4. Rylee Saucier- Caribou
5. Colin Biggs- Fort Kent
6. Sawyer McCarty- FA

1. Clyde Carr- MA
2. Rico Ayala- FA
3. Kiah Wilson- Bucksport
4. Lance Daigle- Ft Kent
5. Keisha Bennett- Dexter

1. Cody Sirois- PVHS
2. Brandon Weston- FA
3. Tristen Taylor- WA
4. Everett Huckins- Ells
5. Grace Grant- PCHS

1. Foster Ashmore- Bucksport
2. Caleb Weeks- Dexter
3. Travis Mushero- MA
4. Ashton James- Calais
5. Ethan Moulton- PCHS
6. Grady Reardon- FA

1. Daegan Eastman- MA
2. Oakley Dugans- BC
3. Ken Minnick- Bucksport
4. Isaac Webber- Dexter
5. Jacob Nadeau- PCHS
6. Kaleb Toby- Lee

1. RJ Nelson- FA
2. Gage Stone- Dexter
3. Evan Michaud- Caribou
4. Jacob Emery- JB
5. Dakota Doane- MA
6. Hunter Pelletier- Bucks

1. Logan Lord- Ells
2. Devin Darveau- Bucks
3. Cory Jandreau- Caribou
4. Isaiah Hesseltine- Dexter
5. AJ Atkinson- FA
6. Zach Leet- MA

1. Peyton Cole- Ells
2. Dominic Libby- MA
3. Reece Pelletier- FK
4. Keigan Riccard- Bucks
5. Jacob Diamond- FA
6. Adam Barnard- Calais

1. Dustin Simmons- FA
2. Cordell Powers- MA
3. Ricky Perkins- Bucks
4. Ian Dubois- FK
5. Jeremy Bolen- Caribou
6. Justin Curtis- Dexter

1. Zac Wilson- PCHS
2. Derick Robbins- Bucks
3. CJ Rocheleau- FK
4. Autumn Irwin- Dexter
5. Jonah Thayer- Caribou
6. Jiri Stepanek- WA

1. Elijah Ames- FA
2. Jordan Labbe- FK
3. Augusta Irwin- Dexter
4. Josiah Brown- WA
5. Charlie Hughes- Ells
6. Mathew Griffith- PCHS

1. Chris Barnes- Ells
2. Kirtas Jandreau- Caribou

1. Dakota Page- MA
2. Caden Williams- Calais
3. Jared Smith- JB
4. Eric Bennett- Dexter
5. Terry Montemaggy- Calais
6. Garrett Cooley- FA

1. Joe Tuulima- PVHS
2. Ben Fiske- MA
3. Romeo Mellittis- Hermon
4. Emmanuel Pettingill- FK
5. Sam Murphy- Bucksport
6. Jarred Jordan- Caribou
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Re: PVC- Rankings Week#2 2017

Postby iweigle93 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:03 am

Dexter beat Mattanawcook Academy 39-36

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