Preseason top 5's A&B

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Preseason top 5's A&B

Postby onthematorfield » Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:44 am

With the first countable match less than a month away, let's hear your top 5's

Here are mine in no order... YET :D

Class A
Oxford Hills

Class B
Mt Valley
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Re: Preseason top 5's A&B

Postby Andothegreat24 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:08 pm

1. Marshwood
2. Wells
3. Skowhegan
4. Sanford
5. Oxford hills
6. Noble
7. Nokomis
10. F. A.
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Re: Preseason top 5's A&B

Postby Silo34 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:37 pm

Think Sanford might be a tough out this year, wouldn't surprise me to see them at the top at the end of the season. Marshwood is always good. Wells brings back a tough lineup again this season only losing to seniors from last year. Noble lost some talent last year thats gonna be hard to replace same can be said for Mountain Valley. Will be interesting this year i think, class A should be pretty competitive. I have no list still to early for me but glad to see wrestling starting again.
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Re: Preseason top 5's A&B

Postby mainefootball200 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:26 pm

Heres a rough top 20 individual list going into the season
1. Fredette Wins
2. Cole Ells
3. Anderson San
4. Stevens Oxh
5. Richards Nok
6. Sendrowski Scar
7. Sirois Skow
8. Potter Wells
9. Worster Oxh
10. Elowitch Port
11. Mills Cony
12. Spinney Mwood
13. Gross Bucks
14. Fogarty Ocean
15. Dumas Cony
16. Lord Ells
17. Martel Noble
18. Strong Mwood
19. Wilson Nok
20. Leavitt Chev
Others- Coomey mwood, Maboir oxh, Thompson mwood, Works san, Pelletier messo, Lang Chills, Ripley ocean.
I could keep going but these are atleast some of the state placers returning this season. I'm sure I missed a few but should be a strong year for Maine wrestling.
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Re: Preseason top 5's A&B

Postby too many rams » Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:36 pm

Worster in the top 10 p4p after finishing third in the weakest weight class? I expect humble to be good this year but that is premature. I know he did well at new England's but he really doesn't have the wins to be in the top 10

Sirois is always underrated which I don't understand. He's a Two time all state champ and three time finalist, and placed fourth at New England's. He's easily top 5, maybe top three. Stevens vs Anderson is tough because Anderson has the head to head win but Stevens placed at New England's. I don't have too strong of an argument either way, but New England placement should be the highest criteria for p4p in my opinion. I'd go Fredette, Cole, Sirois, Stevens, Anderson for my top 5

There's really no way you can keep Lang out of the top 20, and it looks like you forgot about Kyle Glidden.
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Re: Preseason top 5's A&B

Postby Andothegreat24 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:12 pm

Samson is a heck of a wrestler and he would be top three in my p4p list along with Cole and Fredette. I think the case against him is that he seems to wrestle his worst at the beginning of a season. I know he had a preseason match against Martel where he got stuck, but was able to get it together at the end to beat him when it counted. Another example would Him taking 5th at the Noble invite and 4th in New England's! But Samson is really great at peaking at the right time and that's why he's a state and 2x all state champion and undeniably one of the states best. I think he should get rewarded for his resume but that's the only thing that makes it debatable.

I do agree that putting worster in the top ten so soon is earlyI am willing to put him in after he can get a convincing win over Works from Sanford, and the Wells 220 for the 220 crown. Otherwise I think he has a lot of doubters to silence, I see the potential in him, but I think he has some more work to do.

I think anywhere from the 9th spot on is up to grabs, and noah Lang and Glidden will for sure be in the top 20.

Note: I think Austin Pelletier will be missing the season due to a major football injury, stinks to see but I know he's an amazing lacrosse player and I hope he recovers for the spring season.

Shout out to Maine football for speaking out on the first p4p list for 2018!
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Re: Preseason top 5's A&B

Postby java » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:30 pm

Interesting lists. Seems like some good talent but looks like the top guys are all spread out across different weight classes. Besides the hopeful Anderson/Stevens matchup, are there any good head to head matches/battles this season?
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Re: Preseason top 5's A&B

Postby SpartanPride » Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:18 am

Just glad it’s that time of year again gang!! I wish all Maine wrestlers good luck & good health this season & hope that the regular season shapes at least a handful of New England Placers as has been the case the last few years ... we all won’t know a whole lot about how things will start to shape up weigh class wise until Jan I’m guessing so it’s kinda to early to make too many bold predictions... I agree with the teams & wrestlers list above for the most part , but could probably slide a few wrestlers or teams up or down a spot here or there ... but the list are in the right ballpark ... Sirios is underrated as stated above and so in my opinion is Sendrowski... I also agree Glidden should be slated higher ( edge of top ten ) ... the Anderson /Stevens matchup may or may not happen come post season but Sanford will travel to the preseason Oxford Hills Duals Dec3 and we should all keep an eye out for that possible matchup as well as a Works / Worster bout ... Happy Wrestling !!
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Re: Preseason top 5's A&B

Postby mainefootball200 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:04 pm

I did forget about Glidden, he would definitely slide into that lower half of the top ten range and is probably Mwood's top returner. As the team race goes:
A south- I thought last year that we may not see Marshwood lose in Maine again for some time and I think that I do still feel that way. Will Noble and Sanford be able to push them? I hope so. Sanford will have to sweep some of the upper weights where the other two tend to lack to have a chance at regionals or states. Coach Rix is one of the best and he has a really strong program right now.
A north- Probably the most compelling region from a competitive standpoint right now. A lot of strong wrestlers return to this region and some teams like Oxford Hills and Nokomis return everybody. Skowhegan will be tough again returning Sirois and Oberg and having the youngest Craig boy coming in. Mt. Ararat won the region last year I believe and bring back a strong core in the lower weights but may not have the depth to repeat. Cony has a strong core of juniors as well, with mills arbour, dumas and macfarland all very competitive. Watch out for Morse too who had a very strong 8th grade class to mix in with a good middleweight core and the Wiscasset kid counting for their team this year. I do expect Oxford Hills to win the region this year, they bring back a strong lineup top to bottom and should be able to push for top 3 at states.
B south- I don't know that much about the teams in this region this year except that it seems Wells will roll to another regional and perhaps state title as well. As a Maine wrestling fan I will say something needs to be done about our regions as B south wull have regional brackets with anywhere from 3 to 5 kids in them and that is unacceptable. Erskine moves back to a north this year and probably had the most kids of any team in that region so the MPA has to do something.
B north- Not sure who is returning what in this region, I do anticipate Foxcroft probably brings back the most kids so will be the favorites again. I know Ellsworth brings back some top talent like the last few years but not sure about their depth. Same goes for Winslow who I know bring back Fredette and Vigue along with a decent young core. Not sure what Belfast has or who else is in this region.
I do believe we are at a point where maine should have one state tournament for wrestling and it should be at one of the civic centers. Let our conference tournaments be the qualifiers, take say the top 6 from each and make it look like the brackets that Massachusetts uses for their All states. We all know that school size has nothing to do with the representation that schools get on their wrestling teams and this would atleast create a more competitive environment. Not sure how everyone else feels but if states like California and New Jersey do it, no reason we can't.
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Re: Preseason top 5's A&B

Postby too many rams » Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:22 pm

Agreed, Maine does not nearly have enough depth to have two classes, it really makes no sense at all. 8 man brackets at states is pretty lame too. One Class, 16 man bracket makes the most sense. Not sure why it hasn't been implemented (resistance from smaller schools?) although with co-op teams B reallynis no longer at a disadvantage.
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