Hunters have strong opinions about partridge guns

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Hunters have strong opinions about partridge guns

Postby The County » Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:26 am

Hunters have strong opinions about partridge guns

If you happen to be among a group of several partridge hunters and want to really stir up the discussion, ask, “What’s the best grouse gun?”

Ideas, opinions, and beliefs fly around like corn kernels in a hot popper. Political debates seldom hold a candle to a sportsman’s brouhaha about guns, dogs and ammo. Now if you want to steer clear of arguments and enjoy some heartwarming stories, tall tales and a few memories, pose the question to the assembled upland bird shooters, “What’s your favorite partridge gun?”

For many outdoorsmen, it’s a simple answer because they own only one scattergun and utilize it for grouse, ducks, woodcock, geese, rabbits and squirrels and sometimes even load buckshot or slugs for a whitetail hunt in thick, close-quarters woods. Age, job security with a comfortable wage and a touch of addiction to shooting pastimes often leads to the need for a larger gun case or safe rather than a two-gun wall rack. Diverse collections offer more options for selecting a “favorite” shotgun for partridge. ... idge-guns/
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