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Now it begins, all the signs that fall is on the way

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2016 8:17 am
by MBRer
Hunting: Now it begins, all the signs that fall is on the way
The days are shorter, the cold is heavier and hunting is more plentiful.

... Others, like the deer hunters, are focusing on the first and last hour of daylight in the expanded archery zones while waterfowlers try to trim the Canada goose population. A few may even seek more eclectic wingshooting in the way of snipe and rails. And some will try more traditional endeavors like bears over bait.

Temperatures are typically warm, except for a few cold hours at the beginning and end of the hunting day. Mosquitoes and black flies still rule the woods and swamps, and the forest canopy carries a dense green foliage. But in the bottoms and swamp margins, red maple leaves are already hinting at the changes to come.

Up north the pace of change picks up. Leaves are turning color. Frosts come more regularly. The moose rut is beginning. One day the morning stillness is broken by the deep, gutteral grunts of a pair of bellicose bulls challenging each other for the breeding rights to a cow and signaling the beginning of the end to early autumn ... n-the-way/