Outdoor writer (Tom Hennessey) puts down his pen and retires

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Outdoor writer (Tom Hennessey) puts down his pen and retires

Postby Tom Nolette » Sun Apr 07, 2013 8:04 am

Outdoor writer puts down his pen and retires
V. Paul Reynolds

For 35 years, sportsmen and women of Eastern Maine have been entertained, informed and inspired by the outdoor writing and artwork of a fellow sportsman: Tom Hennessey.

As outdoor writer for the Bangor Daily News, Tom took up the void left by the death of the legendary BDN outdoor columnist Bud Leavitt. Hennessey blazed his own special trail. His remarkable gift for observing man and nature, and doing so with precision and sensitivity, comes through in both his words and his art. When he wrote about a sea-duck hunt, he took you there. The salt spray and the icy wind was there between the lines of his prose and in the accompanying artwork. You knew that he had been there, that he loved and lived his outdoor recollections.

Read more: http://www.sunjournal.com/news/local-sp ... es/1344717
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