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Madison eliminates Traip on penalty kicks

PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 5:19 am
by MBRer
Madison eliminates Traip on penalty kicks
The second-seeded Bulldogs are pushed to the limit but move on to the Class C South final.

...Hay handled the pressure when penalty kicks were needed to decide a winner.

“I feel like it’s on me. I was so nervous,” Hay said. “I was confident and a little worried. … I feel like I did something good for the team.”

Hay turned aside tentative shots to the right side by Kiki Huntress and McPherson after Emma Auclair and Sophia Santamaria scored on Traip’s first two penalty kicks.

Madison Coach Erin Wood said her team prepared for a penalty-kick scenario during a recent scrimmage.

“I think it helps having seniors in these positions,” Wood said. “They were obviously nervous, but we didn’t look overwhelmed. They didn’t have that look on their face like it was going to be too much. Having a senior goalkeeper (helped).” ... lty-kicks/