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Class AA thread: top teams, top players, previews, etc

PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:31 pm
by Tom Nolette
Post Yours !!

Class AA Teams:
1. Lewiston (1428)
2. Bangor (1129)
3. Deering (1086)
4. Oxford Hills (1050)
5. Windham (1004)
6. Edward Little (982)
7. Portland (970)
8. Cheverus (467)

1. Thornton (1412)
2. Bonny Eagle (1100)
3. Sanford (1000)
4. Scarborough (1021)
5. Massabesic (985)
6. South Portland (892)
7. Noble (835)
8. Gorham (823)

Bangor Henry Nagle 2018
Bangor Luke Tuell 2018
Bangor Matthew Fleming 2019
Bangor Damien Vance 2019
Bangor Jason Smith 2019
Bangor Carlos Rivera 2019
Bangor Damien Vance 2019
Bangor Marc Hutchings 2019
Bangor Noah Missbrenner 2019
Bangor Henry Westrich 2020
Cheverus Jesse Matthews 2018 ( transfer to Kimball Union KUA . reclassify to class of 2019 )
Cheverus Tobias Ephron 2018
Cheverus Jacob Harrison 2018
Cheverus Nathan Dunn 2018
Cheverus Perrin Conant 2018
Cheverus Tobias Ephron 2018
Cheverus William Shibles 2018
Cheverus Matthew Duchaine 2019
Cheverus Akera Oryem 2019
Cheverus Mutima Mukiza 2019
Cheverus Owen Burke 2019
Cheverus Patrick Foster 2019
Cheverus Ryan Flaherty 2019
Deering Owen Martinson 2018
Deering Abdul James-Coggins 2018
Deering Blaze Vail 2018
Deering Caleb Delano 2018
Deering Caysay Anthony 2018
Deering Junior Butera 2018
Deering Owen Martinson 2018
Deering Ricky Despacho 2018
Deering Ben Onek 2019
Deering Ricky Depacho 2020
Deering Darryl Germain 2020
Edward Little Tyler Morin 2018
Edward Little Darby Shea 2018
Edward Little Alexander B. Merchant 2018
Edward Little Grant C. Hartley 2018
Edward Little Terrell G. Thomas 2018
Edward Little Wol Maiwen 2019
Edward Little Ahmed A. Abadir 2019
Edward Little Caleb P. Yarnevich 2019
Edward Little Ethan R. Brown 2019
Edward Little Austin J. Brown 2020
Edward Little Storm D. jipson 2020
Lewiston Abdullahi Mohamed 2018
Lewiston Abdulwahad Mohamed 2018
Lewiston Derek Foy 2018
Lewiston Garret Poussard 2018
Lewiston Ibn Khalid 2018
Lewiston Jalen Allison 2018
Lewiston Jeremy Madore 2018
Lewiston Mitchell Frisbie 2018
Lewiston Noor Hussein 2018
Lewiston Damien Poulin 2019
Lewiston Hunter Dickinson 2019
Lewiston Isaac Madore 2019
Lewiston Jaden Legare 2019
Lewiston Jakeem Cope 2019
Lewiston Richard Clark 2019
Lewiston Yasin Mohamud 2019
Lewiston Ahmed Bahad 2020
Lewiston Caeden Despres 2020
Lewiston Calvin Dundore 2020
Lewiston Colby Goding 2020
Lewiston Dominick Jacobs 2020
Lewiston Dylon Jackson 2020
Lewiston Evan Williams 2020
Lewiston Jabrie Myers 2020
Lewiston Jaheim Whiting 2020
Lewiston Jeremiah Williams 2020
Lewiston Jermaine Wade 2020
Lewiston Moulid Issak 2020
Lewiston Steven Beauregard 2020
Oxford Hills Chris St. Pierre 2018
Oxford Hills Cole Verrier 2018
Oxford Hills Atreyu Keniston 2018
Oxford Hills Trevor Goodrich 2018
Oxford Hills Colton Carson 2019
Oxford Hills Cameron Slicer 2019
Oxford Hills Garrett Record 2019
Oxford Hills Janek Lukska 2019
Oxford Hills Spencer Strong 2019
Oxford Hills Logan Sumner 2020
Oxford Hills Matt Johnson 2020
Oxford Hills Pat Paine 2020
Oxford Hills Tanner Herrick 2020
Portland Terion Moss 2018
Portland Griffin Foley 2018
Portland Emmanuel Yugu 2018
Portland Ben Fisher 2018
Portland Lino Ben 2018
Portland Quinn Clarke 2018
Portland Trey Ballew 2019
Portland PEDRO FONSECA 2019
Windham Nicholas Curtis 2018
Windham Mike Gilman 2018
Windham Cory Hutchison 2018
Windham Hunter Coffin 2018
Windham Mitch Budroe 2018
Windham Nathan Watson 2018
Windham Nazari Henderson 2018
Windham Dierhow Bol 2019
Windham Andrew Wing 2019
Windham Ivan Kaffel 2020

Bonny Eagle Casey Maturo 2018
Bonny Eagle Christian Napolitano 2018
Bonny Eagle Connor Sirois 2018
Bonny Eagle Nicholas Thorne 2018
Bonny Eagle William Hendrix 2019
Bonny Eagle Jackson Bean 2019
Bonny Eagle Logan Fogg 2019
Bonny Eagle Zachary Maturo 2020
Bonny Eagle Cameron Gardner 2020
Bonny Eagle Jacob Esty 2020
Gorham Jahmi Seeley 2018
Gorham Kyle King 2018
Gorham Sean Pocock 2018
Gorham Stephen Klatt 2018
Gorham Thomas Nelson 2019
Gorham Bryce Womack 2020
Gorham Nickolas Strout 2020
Massabesic Alex Levesque 2018
Massabesic Alexander Schepis 2018
Massabesic Isaac DesVergnes 2018
Massabesic Nicholas Amabile 2018
Massabesic Ethan Roy 2020
Massabesic Gregory Kamenides III 2020
Massabesic Nicholas Roberge 2020
Massabesic Owen Roberts 2020
Noble Ethan Ricard 2018
Noble Layne Bailey 2018
Noble Luke Carlock 2018
Noble Sage Fryou 2018
Noble Bryce Cantin 2019
Noble Tyler Oliver 2019
Sanford Adam Dehaven 2018
Sanford Ethan Emard 2018
Sanford Mike Lunny 2018
Sanford Ryan Connarton 2018
Sanford Matt Romano 2019
Sanford Carson Bickford 2019
Sanford Chris Lantagne 2019
Sanford Jordan Giroux 2019
Sanford Miles Hilton 2019
Sanford Leyton Bickford 2020
Sanford Ethan Shain 2020
Sanford John Garnsey 2020
Scarborough JAQUAN SEME 2018
Scarborough REECE LAGERQUIST 2018
Scarborough ANTHONY GRIFFIN 2018
Scarborough MORGAN PRATT 2018
Scarborough Sam Gorey 2018
Scarborough Zachory Strzegowski 2018
Scarborough Nicholas Fiorillo 2019
Scarborough Paul G. Kirk 2019
Scarborough Tyler Gobeil 2019
South Portland Riley Hasson 2018
South Portland Noah Malone 2018
South Portland Connor Buckley 2018
South Portland Liam Coyne 2018
South Portland Spencer Houlette 2018
South Portland David Fiorini 2019
Thornton Academy Adam Lovejoy 2018
Thornton Academy Andre Hart 2018
Thornton Academy Garret Lynn 2018
Thornton Academy Jack Webb 2018
Thornton Academy Anthony Bracamonte 2019
Thornton Academy William Chapman 2019
Thornton Academy William Mitchell 2020
Thornton Academy David Keohan 2018

Re: Class AA Boys thread: Nominate for All-Star Weekend 2017

PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:57 pm
by Tom Nolette
following nominations emailed to

AA North
St. Pierre OH

AA South

Re: Boys Class AA thread: Nominate for All-Star Weekend 201

PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:53 am
by Tom Nolette
following nominations emailed to

by year:

2018 North
Terion Moss Portland
Griffin Foley Portland
Trey Ballew Portland
Emmanuel Yugu Portland
Pedro Fonseca Portland
Matthew Fleming Bangor
Ben Onek Deering
Tobias Ephron Cheverus
Darby Shea Edward Little
Wol Maiwen Edward Little
Chris St Pierre Oxford Hills
Mike Gilman Windham
Nicholas Curtis Windham
Dierhow Bol Windham

2018 South
David Keohan Thornton Academy
Riley Hasson South Portland
Noah Malone South Portland
Connor Buckley South Portland
Liam Coyne South Portland
William Hendrix Bonny Eagle
Zach Maturo Bonny Eagle
Connor Sirois Bonny Eagle
Nick Fiorilo Scarborough
Jaquan Seme Scarborough
Morgan Pratt Scarborough
Nick Amabile Massabesic
Issac Desvernges Massabesic

Re: Boys Class AA thread: Nominate for All-Star Weekend 201

PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:54 am
by Tom Nolette
following nominations emailed to

by year

2019 AA North.
Matthew Fleming Bangor
Jesse Matthews Cheverus/Kimball
Akera Orem Cheverus
Owen Burke Cheverus
Pat Foster Cheverus
Ben Onek Deering
Wol Maiwen Edward Little
Colton Carson Oxford Hills
Pedro Fonseca Portland
Trey Ballew Portland
Simon Chadbourne Portland
Dierhow Bol Windham
Andrew Wing Windham.

2019 AA South
William Hendrix Bonny Eagle
Bryce Cantin Noble
Matt Romano Sanford
Nicholas Fiorillo Scarborough
Paul Kirk Scarborough
Tyler Gobiel Scarborough
David Florini South Portland
Scott Lewis South Portland
Tyree Westerman South Portland
Jacob Milton South Portland
William Chapman Thornton Academy
Anthony Bracomontie Thornton Academy

Re: Boys Class AA thread: Nominate for All-Star Weekend 201

PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:56 am
by Tom Nolette
following nominations emailed to

by year

2020 North.
Henry Westrich Bangor
Ricky Depaco Deering
Darryl Germain Deering
Micheal Randell Deering
DJ Jipson Edward Little
Austin Brown Edward Little
Moulin Issak Lewiston
Jabari's Williams Lewiston
Lewis Gaddis Portland
Ivan Kaffel Windham

2020 South.
Zachary Maturo Bonny Eagle
Cameron Gardner Bonny Eagle
Nicholas Strout Gorham
Bryce Womack Gorham
Owen Roberts Massabesic
Nicholas Roberts Massabesic
Ethan Roy Massabesic
Ethan Shain Sanford
Leyton Bickford Sanford
Gerik Balarouki South Portland
Geremei Baez South Portland
Pamba Pamba South Portland
Hunter Owen South Portland
William Mitchell Thornton Academy

Re: Boys Class AA thread: Nominate for All-Star Weekend 201

PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:21 am
by Tom Nolette
following nomination emailed to

Damien Vance Bangor

Re: Boys Class AA thread: Nominate for All-Star Weekend 201

PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:44 am
by Tom Nolette
We've moved the threads back to this location. Feel free to make your list of top players or use this thread as a way to preview the upcoming HS season in your class ..

Talk about teams, favorites to win the class, anything you like ...

Re: Boys Class AA thread: Nominate for All-Star Weekend 201

PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:42 pm
by Carl Parker
Damien Vance is in the class of 2019.