Masters: Sergio Garcia completes his transformation

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Masters: Sergio Garcia completes his transformation

Postby Tom Nolette » Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:14 am

Sergio Garcia completes his transformation by winning the Masters

...The theme of this week, then, was Garcia’s transformation — a theme that was easy to buy given how he spoke of this place, a place that once drove him stark-raving mad but that he said, more than once, he had learned to “accept.” Yet that story line wouldn’t work if he hadn’t finished it off.

That he did took some doing, and don’t think the fashion in which Garcia won is irrelevant. It matters because he fought when he might have folded. It matters because he looked forward instead of behind. All of that helped get Garcia and Rose to the 72nd tee, tied at 9 under par. And the specifics of how they got there also will be worthy of review.

Remember, when discussing the playoff and what preceded it, the entirety of the round. When Rose bogeyed the fifth hole, Garcia held a three-shot lead — an enormous advantage, though with far too much golf to play. By the time they made the turn, they were in a flat-footed tie — and then Garcia bogeyed both 10 and 11. That’s a five-shot swing in six holes. Garcia’s fade was in full form. ... e-masters/
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