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SoccerTown: Bangor, Maine

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:30 am
by Tom Nolette
SoccerTown: Bangor, Maine
Despite travel and weather challenges, city thrives on passion, camaraderie

... In addition to the River City Athletics club teams, the Bangor High School programs are championship contenders. In 2015, the girls varsity program won the state championship, and after three consecutive seasons in the Class A North semifinals, the boys won the title in 2016, their first since 2010. The boys finished the 2016 season with a 16-1-1 record.

"The Bangor community and school system is fantastic," Athlerley said. "They’re very supportive of quality academics and athletics. One of the things I appreciated about Carson’s experience, in his time they had three different coaches. David Patterson, who coached at the University of Maine (and Bangor High School) and passed away, he was a collegiate coach and a fantastic coach. His second coach had quality club experience and credentials and has since moved to the college ranks. His third coach had great credentials and experience. I appreciated the Bangor school system hired quality role models and coaches."

The local college, Husson University, also has winning programs. The women’s team won four consecutive North Atlantic Conference championships from 2006 to 2009 and has made five national tournament appearances.

The men’s program at Husson has won 14 conference championships — nine NCC championships, two MAC championships and three NAC championships (the most recent being 2014) — and has made seven NCAA tournament appearances. ... eId1197679

Re: SoccerTown: Bangor, Maine

PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:45 pm
by LakerFan
Bangor has had incredible success. Too bad the city couldn't come up with a decent field. The players deserve better!