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Falmouth sends Portland to first loss, 1-0 in OT

PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:49 am
by PPH
Falmouth sends Portland to first loss, 1-0 in OT
Thomas Fitzgerald has the winning goal in a tight defensive game.

...“It was a well-placed shot,” said Portland Coach Rocco Frenzilli. “They just moved the ball quickly to one side, and he was able to cut back inside on our back. He had an opening, cut across the middle and was just able to beat Rowan (Daligan) on the weak side.”

Fitzgerald’s overtime heroics were only possible because of the dominant performance of another Falmouth underclassman. Freshman goalie Alvaro Fuentes-Cantillana turned in his third career shutout in four starts.

“He played a great game,” said Frenzilli. “Obviously, if you stop balls from going in, you’ve done your job. And that’s what the keeper is supposed to do. On both ends, it mostly went that way. He got a chance to make his saves and they were able to sneak one by us.” ... 1-0-in-ot/