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St. Dom's players announce Division II commitments

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:48 am
by Tom Nolette
St. Dom's lacrosse players announce Division II commitments

...“Caroline and I have been playing lacrosse together since we were 7 years old at the local rec league,” Leslie said. “I couldn’t be happier to do this with my best friend.”

Though Gastonguay and Leslie aren’t going to the same school — nor staying in the same region — they’ll be simultaneously pursing a long-held dream.

“I’ve always known I wanted to play college lacrosse, and (Thursday) was just about solidifying that,” Gastonguay said.

“Seeing all of the girls through tournaments and through the Maineiax program, I saw how much they all loved it, and how skilled they were,” Leslie recalled. “It was something I wanted to get good at and keep playing.”

Gastonguay, a prolific goal-scorer and two-time Sun Journal player of the year, was in an airport on her way to a lacrosse tournament when she first heard of the school. ... mmitments/